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DB needs help !!
17-07-2005, 11:44 PM
HI. I recently installed a new master HD in my system. I loaded XP from the
supplied recovery disk and everything worked OK for a few days. I then
started loading the rest of my software. After loading Norton System works
2004 and MS Office 2000, some problems occurred. First, at logon, I get a
"Symantec Email Proxy" error, several times. Then, when I try to connect to
the internet (cable modem) I get the error message "Failed to query TCP/IP
settings of connection".

After bouncing around my system for a few days I found that a lot of the
Norton tools will not start up. I have gone through uninstalling and
re-installing software and hardware with no luck. I have worked with my ISP
and they see no problem from their end, so it has to be software issues. All
settings are set to "automatically detect..."

What can I do with this? Thanks, DB, the XP novice