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18-07-2005, 12:23 AM
I have a P4-300ghz Computer running WinXP sp2

There are three hard drives and one DVD writer on the system.

One the secondary IDE channel, is a Maxtor 250G hard drive as the
master, the DVD writer is the slave on that channel.

For many months the drive had no problems with writing. Recently, I
have been getting errors whenever I try to write to the drive.

I have tried various things to see if I can resolve the problem.

- Removed covers from the case to increase air flow in case it was a
heat problem.
- Changed the cable
- Another suggestion was to disable the write caching on the drive,
but when I go the properties and select policies, the 'Optimize for
performance" is selected, but it is greyed out and I cannot change it.
- If I try the MS Disk Defragmenter, when I select the drive and click
analyse, I get "Disk Defragmenter could not start"
- If I try Norton Speed Disk, the drive does not show up at all.

Does anyone have other suggestions what I might try??
TIA, Joe

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