View Full Version : Big Problem #2 - Customization Changes

18-07-2005, 04:25 AM
Problem #2: Customized Folders Change Properties on Their Own

I spent a long, long time getting all the folders in "My Music" to have
corresponding descriptions and images. For example all my album folders
had appropriate album cover artwork as well as the customization "Music
Album". After doing all of this most of my folders have reverted to
something else. Some are listed as "Documents" - many are missing the
pictures associated with them.

Perhaps More frustrating is how the folders will change at will. If I
change the settings for one folder the one next to it will change. For
example I changed a Neil Finn folder to have a picture of him and the
Neil Young folder next to it changed too! Or if I drop a new mp3 into a
folder the image for the folder will change. Now I understand that some
mp3's have album art embedded in their tags but that still shouldn't
affect the folder it is placed in.

What can I do to avoid this happening again as I reset all of my
folders? I have used Tweak UI to change the number of folders that
Windows will remember to 5000- is that enough? Also worth noting is
that this isn't just a "My Music" problem- I have separate folders that
experience the same problem (01-Pictures folder will change to "music"
customization etc.).

On a lesser note, why is this happening? I've scanned for virusses etc.
and found none.

Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated.