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18-07-2005, 09:03 PM
This problem was FIXED following the steps in article 811259 (Greek
language) - Uninstall and reinstall "winsock"

"PAN" <pkarydas@otenet.gr> wrote in message
>I have experienced this problem in a home PC
> [Configuration (as reported by the System Properties):
> WinXP Home, Greek, ver.2002, Service Pack 2
> Intel Celeron 2,66 224MB RAM
> Also: McAfee Antivirus and Personal Firewall
> IE 6.0.2900 SP2 and MS Antispyware beta]
> It also has an internal modem that works ok.
> The user closed the system about a week ago and the next day booted ok.
> When she tried to connect to internet for normal web use she couldn't see
> pages. Of course she thought there was some kind of problem with the
> provider. After that day the problem remained.
> Today I visited and took a look.
> I tried to connect to 3 different ISP Providers and succeded ok.
> After connecting I COULD NOT:
> o See Web pages neither with the www anything nor with X.X.X.X
> o Connect to incoming and outgoing mail server
> o FTP (in Command Line ftp I get a "ftp: socket" msg and then command line
> again)
> o Ping sites as www anything
> But I COULD:
> o Ping IP's
> It looked like a DNS problem.
> I disabled the firewall and closed antispyware. I set DNS servers
> manually. I cleared all cookies, all temporary files. Nothing worked.
> Also checked for proxies etc. but no setting appeared to be not_normal.
> The problem remained exactly as I described it.
> Any ideas, suggestions?
> Thank you
> Panagiotis Karydas