View Full Version : Re: DOS Prompt still black after exit

19-07-2005, 05:43 AM
"rjpa" wrote:
> Hi,
> We're running Windows XP-SP2 on a Compaq Evo D510 SSF machine.
> We're running Novell Client 4.91-SP0 on these machines, and
> lately some of the machines have started acting weird:
> Whenever we launch a DOS PROMPT they go into fullscreen and
> when we type: EXIT or use ALT+ENTER the screen turns into
> black screen. We cannot do anything else than switch the power
> off :(
> But when the screen is black, we can reach the machine from
> elsewhere using Remote Connection.
> Does anyone know what the cause can bee? I've tried to set
> FullScreen in Registry to FALSE, but without any luck.
> Thanks in advance
> Rasmus.

Perhaps this is a graphics driver problem, try it with a different
full screen application that change the resolution, such as windows
media player visualations. If that works fine, I can’t think of any
other possibilities.