View Full Version : Segment Corrution

19-07-2005, 10:04 AM
1. An application on my hardrive crashed wery badly this allso caused
damage to other files on the same hardrive, my problem is now that
every time i start my computer Windows are promting for an inconsistent
check on this drive

when driving this it starts to count up a hugh list of unreadable
segments and trying to restore them

so i have now driving this inoconsistense check 4 times, it does not
seem to fix the whole problem,cause the inconsistent check keeps coming
back after eatch reboot

and Im noticing a hugh slowdown when viewing some maps, thei stop
responing and crashes


The affected hardrive its on 80 GB splitted into 2 drives (is that the

C: (where my op system lies) and D: where currentley only videos and
stuff lies,this is the drive windows promting to drive inconsistens
check on

so can i exclude that C: could have got errors to?

if i did a repair reinstallation of Windows XP on C: could that maybe
help fixing the corrupted files on D: cause thei are still on the same
hardrive, i know to little about computers to know if this could

3. i have used windows chkdsk check, with D: /F to correct problems,
but it dont help?

i have driving the windows error check tool (scandisk?) with settings
to correct problems. when using it sais that it repaired and removed
somw unreadable segments on D:
but this dont seem to be enouff,

maybe i need to drive it moore than one time if there are to many
for only one scan?

ore is there maybe a moore effective way than fix them with this

Any ideas what i should do is wery appritiated