View Full Version : Blank Screen Appearing Erratically instead of login screen

20-07-2005, 12:40 AM
My computer has recently undergone a complete reinstall and I am attempting
to reinstall all my drivers back to their previous state. This all came about
because I was getting a blank screen at login (not welcome screen the other
method), this reoccurs erratically, I have downloaded the lastest drivers for
my graphics card as I thought that may have been the problem, but does not
appear to be. I don't think that the login screen itself is loading up as
when hitting enter to enter null password I get no error beep on speakers, so
far I have been pressing f8 whilst windows is loading and using "last good
configuration" as this seems to fix it, but as I said its erratic, sometimes
it will be fine for several restarts then break again. If I can't get it to
work soon I am going to try a complete reformat and reinstall. I would love
not to have to! Anyone got any ideas?