View Full Version : User profile data from inactive partition shows up in dual-boot Wi

Judd Volino
20-07-2005, 06:20 AM
A number of months ago I took an image of the C:\ drive of my Windows XP Pro
system in a "clean state." Recently, I restored that image to a second
partition on my drive so that I could switch back to that clean version.
After restoring the image, I installed BootMagic 8 and configured it to allow
me to select between my current working copy of XP and the clean one.
BootMagic allowed me to do that, and as it always has in the past, hides the
primary partition containing the copy of XP that I didn't select on the boot
menu so that I don't end up with both system partition drives showing at once.

However, when I boot into the clean copy of Windows XP it appears that
certain things from my working copy (like icons from the Start Menu folder of
"All Users" and the programs that are shown in the Add/Remove programs
control panel) are showing up when I boot my clean copy. So some parts of
the user profiles/registry are being retrieved from the working copy. How is
Windows XP grabbing this information and how can I stop it from doing so?
I've done a lot of dual-booting in the past and have never seen this happen.
My goal is have two completely separate installations.