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Ext User()
14-12-2005, 12:03 PM
HOW TO USE ( requires 'eMule' http://www.emule-project.net/ ):
1) 'Select' Complete file links Under the Solid Line Further Below.
2) 'Copy' selected text to the clipboard, without extraneous text.
3) 'Paste' into the eMule Transfers window, Tools is less reliable.
(via the mouse 'right-click' menu, then 'Paste ed2k links')
4) To download Faster,,, temporarily Stop all other downloads.
(if you're in a hurry, give all your bandwidth to one file...)
5) Share Completed Files if possible (Think 'KARMA')
A new alternative eMule Mod, more features:

ed2k://|file|eMule0.46c-iONiX-4.4-uni-installer.(Official).(with.SearchCatch-YES!!).exe|3557278|0D770E6F38985EFCC236CA1A417540A 1|h=EWDOV2544M5SNRZFWTUDSCQMDJJAD7G5|/


ed2k://|file|UFO-The.Secret.NASA.Transmissions-The.Smoking.Gun(2004).DVDRIP.XViD-A.Must.See.Documentary.avi|733059072|A9D60E01DBA3E 9E483C9E34D40769903|/