View Full Version : Three different mice don't work well, XP, SP2

Ext User(jend)
25-05-2007, 08:23 AM

I've had mouse problems since I got this computer! it's an Evesham
with a MS wireless mouse and keyboard, the system was bought about 2
years ago. right from the start I couldn't get the keyboard and mouse
to both work and eventually kept the keyboard as wireless and put on
my old wired MS optical mouse which worked well for ages. Since SP2
I've just had no end of problems. A bog standard scroll mouse from
Argos is gittery, the optical corded one works okish but freezes,
changing to another usb or taking out and putting back in sorts it for
a while but the more I do, the more often I have to change. Evesham
have recently put in a new Hardrive, proccesor, power supply and
motherboard because a fan on my motherboard failed, it all got a tad
too hot and blew it all out... I expected the mouse/mice to work after
this but still have the same problem... So!!! could it be something to
do with SP2? with SP1 it was just the MS wireless mouse not working,
with SP2 all mice don't work well?
To put it politely its P***ing me off :)

It is... Def contected to hard drive activity, how many apps are open
and if I've been working with memory intensive programs... it tends to
work fine with IE versions 6 and 7 and with explorer but other
programs like CS2 and Dreamweaver make it bug out...

I've tried getting the most up to date drivers for each mouse to no

I have considered it could be a display driver problem, though using
default and the right drivers for my monitors and my graphics card
dosen't seem to help...

Any ideas would be much appreciated