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Ext User(Wesley Vogel)
01-06-2007, 06:43 PM
Hidden attribute....
[[Specifies whether the file or folder is hidden, which means that you
cannot see or use it unless you know its name.

If multiple files are selected, a check mark means that all the files are
hidden. A filled box means that some files are hidden and some are not.]]

"know its name" means that you can type the path in the Run command and even
if Hidden they will display.

To display Hidden files and folders...

Start | Settings | Control Panel | Folder Options | View tab
Display the contents of system folders
Show hidden files and folders
Hide extensions for known file types
Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)
Click Apply | Click OK

When you uncheck: Hide protected operating system files,
you will get this message...

You have chosen to display protected operating system files (files labeled
System and Hidden) in Windows Explorer.These files are required to start and
run Windows. Deleting or editing them can make your computer inoperable.Are
you sure you want to display these files?

Click YES.

[[Hidden files and folders will appear dimmed to indicate they are not
typical items.]]

Hope this helps. Let us know.

MS-MVP Windows Shell/User

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Apurv <Apurv@discussions.microsoft.com> hunted and pecked:
> Hi, Some of the directories in my XP are not showing but are accesbile if
> i write the path directly. How can I see them ?