View Full Version : Sony DRU-720A DMA problem

Ext User(JesseAviles@gmail.com)
02-06-2007, 02:03 AM
I got the Sony drive two years ago. It always had trouble reading
some types of disks but did mostly good with games and movies. The
first problem was that Autorun stopped working. I did a clean install
and it worked for a couple of months. Lately the drive didn't read
any disk. I went to check transfer mode and it said DMA if available
with current transfer as ultra DMA mode 4. If I change it to PIO
only, it works only if after I insert a disk I go into My Computer and
open the drive. This disk is the master in the array. The slave is
an Afreey DVD ROM that works in ultra DMA mode 2 (although I also need
to go to My Computer to see the inserted disk contents). I don't know
if the problem is with Windows or with the disks. Any help?