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Ext User(svvalk)
02-06-2007, 10:13 AM
Still not working. Whats odd is a DVD works but a game disc in same drive has
no sound??????????????? And still no OS sounds.

"Andrew E." wrote:

> Windows media uses a seperate set of audio files than the OS normally runs,
> however,if its a PCI card,power off pc,move the card to a diffrent slot.If
> on-board,
> try going to run,type:DXDIAG Run the Direct X sound tests,and/or,uninstall
> all the sound hardware in device mgr (one @ a time),do not restart after
> each,
> once all are uninstalled,restart pc.XP will reinstall on restart
> "svvalk" wrote:
> > I am having a problem with sound that was OK and now it is acting strange. I
> > can play DVD's and sound is fine, I can play MP3 files stored on computer and
> > sound is fine. However I have no system sounds, no game sounds i.e. pinball
> > and for example my son plays a Star Wars game that no longer plays sound. I
> > have checked all settings. Obviously the sound card is OK.
> > Anyone have any clue because I do not.