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Ext User(Deuce)
02-06-2007, 11:43 PM
Call me what you like but I have managed to locate all files intact but the
only way that any program will let me access them in any way is to give a
ridiculous amount of money for the privilige of getting my own information

Here's the thing, ALL I did was essentially hit the delete button on a
Isn't there an easy way to Undelete and simply restore the partition without
moving any files or paying $75 US ??
Seriously, nothing was ever deleted, no bad sectors...just a 500Gig drive
with 40Gigs of files confirmed but no understanding of how to re-attach them
to a partition that will give me access to them...

PLEASE help...there has to be an easy solution to this

"Patrick Keenan" wrote:

> "The Guru" <spambucket@tech-pro.co.uk> wrote in message
> news:1180347222.789269.239790@w5g2000hsg.googlegro ups.com...
> > On 26 May, 04:05, Deuce <D...@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote:
> >> The situation: Was installing XP on older PC, in order to use it with
> >> big
> >> screen TV. Had 500Gig external drive connected thru USB and accidentally
> >> asked the machine to delete the system partition for the external drive
> >> instead of the partition for the system drive. Fixed the problem for the
> >> internal PC HD. Lost ALL connection to the external USB drive.
> >> I had transferred close to 80Gig offilesto external drive and now I have
> >> no access to them.
> >> Path Forward...so far: D'led "GetBackData" and assigned a drive letter
> >> to
> >> the external drive. No formatting was done and GBD seems to see thefiles
> >> (all 6000 of them but the scan is taking DAYS...every time my PC shuts
> >> down
> >> or loses power, the program re-starts. I need to know the best way to
> >> "re-connect" with all thefiles. If there is a quick fix or a better way
> >> PLEASE help ASAP.
> >>
> >> Thanks in advance,
> >> D
> >
> >
> > I haven't come across "GetBackData", but Partition Recovery (http://
> > www.diskinternals.co.uk/partition-recovery.html) is very good at
> > recovering files from deleted partitions, and it normally only takes a
> > couple of hours.
> >
> > The reason it's slow is probably because it is an external drive,
> > accessed via USB. It would probably speed things up to put the drive
> > into the PC as a slave.
> That would absolutely be the case if the port or drive is below USB2. The
> speed (and hence, time) difference is in the range of 40x. If the system
> only has USB 1 ports, install a USB 2 card; these are cheap and no drivers
> are required.
> -pk