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Ext User(Lanwench [MVP - Exchange])
03-06-2007, 12:56 AM
squishy <reply@groups.please> wrote:

> I found the problem.....it was the C:\WINDOWS\retadpu173.exe
> Win32/TrojanDownloader.Agent.NKY trojan.
> This file resets the "restrictanonymous" setting in addition to
> downloading other naty crap to your PC.
> I am running the latest updated version of NOD32 (www.eset.com) and
> had done 4 deep system scans. NOD32 never caught it or cleaned it.
> NOD32 also missed a file named "avp.exe" that tried to pass itself
> off as Kapersky or McAfee antivirus. I have never loaded either of
> thiose on my system.
> Deleted both files after submitting them to Eset, and I can share
> just fine.
> Maybe I should run 2 antivirus programs.......
> squishy

Glad you found the issue, but another thing to mention - if you have a
domain, don't use local workstations to store (or share) data. All data
should be on your server(s) and shared/controlled from there.