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Ext User(AuntieAnn)
03-06-2007, 09:43 AM
Hi "Evilbob"
I am having the same problem (I think). My DVD player will play CD's (hence
not a laser problem), but when I ask to play DVD's it says there is no disk
in drive. I was told to check that DVD playing software was installed (like
Power DVD), which it is and then it was suggested I check the DVD decoder,
which I did, but purchased a new updated decoder and this still has not fixed
my problem. Maybe you could try these suggestions on you machine. I have no
techy knowledge whatsoever and hope someone out there can give some more
help. p-l-e-a-s-e.

"Evilbob" wrote:

> Hiyas,
> Recently, I've had a bit a trouble playing DVDs on my computer. Previously,
> my computer was quite capable of playing DVDs, etc... Now, even DVDs that had
> worked no longer work. (Duur, I am quite obviously placing the DVDs into my
> DVDRom drive)
> So that eliminates the possibility that there might be a problem with the
> disc itself.
> It isn't like I get an error message, or something like that.
> I insert the disc, NOTHING happens. At all. I go to My Computer, it tells me
> that there is no disc inserted into any of my disc drives.
> Oh, and by the quite likely offchance that this is due to my sister going
> into Add or Remove programs and uninstalling 'Viewpoint Media Player'....
> I tried playing it manually with WMP, same result-- Tells me I need to
> insert the DVD first.
> Oh, for some reason I didn't even need to register for a new account...It
> just kerplunked me into this one...Is it some sort of automated thingymajig?
> Same thing on the MSDN forums, where I accidentally posted my issue at first,
> thinking THAT was the main microsoft forums....On both, I've got accounts
> over a year old. What's up with that? Oh, and I'm the only one who uses this
> computer...
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