View Full Version : appwiz.cpl question

Ext User(jholsenback)
03-06-2007, 12:13 PM

Ya know the taskbar on the left side of the add or remove programs applet?
Well I just noticed that the buttons don't have their descriptive text labels
anymore. Functionally everything is just fine it's just a cosmetic thing ....
still it bugs me and I'd like to fix it if I can? BTW: this is just one of
several serious to minor problems that I've had to fix after upgrading my
hard drive. I used western digital tools to setup, partition and migrate data
from old to new drive. I've been running on new drive for a bit and I believe
this is the last thing to fix ..... like I said this appears to be just a
cosmetic thing, so don't give me a bad time about wanting to nail this last
problem ;-) .... clues, pointers, help appreciated !!!!