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Ext User(Ken Blake, MVP)
04-06-2007, 02:03 AM
On Sun, 3 Jun 2007 13:18:32 +0100, telboy1938
<telboy1938.2rlq6p@pcbanter.net> wrote:

>I have been attempting to enable sending a fax from either PC or Laptop
>without success. Both are connected to broadband.

I assume that by "broadband," you mean either DSL or cable.

A fax is a transmission sent over the dial-up telephone network. You
can not send a fax by either DSL or Cable. Your DSL or Cable
connection doesn't prevent you from doing this, but you have to *also*
have a dial-up fax modem connected to a dial-up telephone line.
Presumably you do not.

Alternatively, there are web-based services that, for a fee, let you
upload a document to them and they will then send it out by fax. If
you don't want to buy and connect a fax modem, you might want to look
into using such a service. Google will turn up several choices.

Personally, I just use an inexpensive stand-alone fax machine that I
bought on sale for about $20-25US a year or so.

> On attemting via PC I
>am told to insert XP Proffessional disc with SP2 (which of course is not
>supplied with the computer) and although the Laptop appears to be set up
>correctly (asks me all the right questions etc) it still tell me "faxing
>failed"...Anyone out there to give me a step by step guide so that I may
>see what I am doing wrong?....Thanks...Telboy

Ken Blake, Microsoft MVP Windows - Shell/User
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