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Ext User(Craig)
04-06-2007, 10:13 AM
Hi Telboy,

I had the exact same dilemma as I needed to fax something and could not scan
and email this particular item to someone. It took several attempts for me on
two separate occasions. Not unusual with Window products.

XP has the capabilities of faxing built in and many people are not even
aware of that. You do need a telephone cord to connect your computer to your
landline telephone. It is similar to when there was only dial-up available.
I’ve split my line and connect the DSL on one outlet and use your filter as
if you were setting up your telephone. Connect the other to the back of your
computer. You will need to sign in with Administrative capability. Open the
Control Panel and select the Printers and Faxes. The fax wizard opens, walk
through that and fill out all of your information.

There are always several ways to accomplish the same thing. First off are
you sending a Word document?
Open the file and go to the File drop down and select Print. The fax wizard
opens, walk through that and fill out your information.

I hope this helps, let me know if I can help you.



Also, if you have problems use the Help file. Open the Control Panel, go to
the Printers and Faxes and click on the Fax. In the Fax Console click on the
Help file in the upper right-hand side. It will pretty much walk you through
the steps.

"telboy1938" wrote:

> I have been attempting to enable sending a fax from either PC or Laptop
> without success. Both are connected to broadband. On attemting via PC I
> am told to insert XP Proffessional disc with SP2 (which of course is not
> supplied with the computer) and although the Laptop appears to be set up
> correctly (asks me all the right questions etc) it still tell me "faxing
> failed"...Anyone out there to give me a step by step guide so that I may
> see what I am doing wrong?....Thanks...Telboy
> --
> telboy1938