View Full Version : RE: errors on HDD while copying files, chkdsk problem

Ext User(Andrew E.)
05-06-2007, 02:03 AM
SATA hds dont mirror as well as IDE hds.Thier is a hotfix for "large off-line"
files for xp,kb918338 Also,CHKDSK C: /F Does some checking,but running
CHKDSK C: /R Goes thru & repairs.Also,with IDE hds & xp,try useing xps
own XCOPY When mirroring hd to hd,it works every time...

"Michael" wrote:

> Hi, I'm trying to understand what's behind some BSOD's on new machines with
> SATA-HDD's. I've imaged them with a XP SP2 with different methods (Tivoli,
> ghost), let them finish their installation and check the disk using chkdsk
> /f just to be sure (some minor things repaired). Then I start copying files
> back from a backup, either from network or a USB-disk. I monitor what's on
> the disk by setting up a job which makes a chkdsk every 5 minutes, sending
> the output to a file. Just before the copying starts everythings seems fine,
> then it it starts: Massively "Deleting index entry ..." and "Deleting
> corrupt attribute record (128, "")" ..., stopping with some minor issues
> after the copy process is done. AFAIK chkdsk without parameters is
> read-only - why do I see this errors?? Are they repaired or do I see just
> issues with files which are in access or in the disk cache?? I've set up a
> similar thing on an old IBM T42 (IDE-HDD), there are much less errors then
> on the new SATA-boxes.
> The trouble is, the people with troubles at their machines run into the
> famous STOP:0x00000072 (0:0...) error after they copyied a large number of
> files AND run chkdsk and I have to find a way to avoid this.
> thanks for any help, Michael