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Ext User(HEMI-Powered)
05-06-2007, 06:43 PM
Poprivet offered these thoughts for the group's consideration of
the matter at hand:

> raven wrote:
>> Recently My hard drive itself has started making a
>> beeping/buzzing noise,after some testing it seems to occur
>> more so when running an online game,however it is not
>> consistent. I have deleted alot of files to free up some
>> space,now have over 10gigs free space thus this is not the
>> problem. Im truely dumbstruck by this issue,my computer isnt
>> doing anything new from before when it didnt make this
>> noise,any ideas on how to fix this would be mighty helpful.
> How do you know it's the hard drive and not one of the fans
> inside the case?
> If it's the hard drive, it means you have a pending drive
> failure on yuor
> hands; bearings or something have worn out.
> But if it's a fan, which I suspect is more likely, it's a
> lot cheaper item
> to replace than a drive, and quicker too.
what about the possibility that the suspect game is thrashing the
HD and/or is writing super secret stuff to non-standard areas
causing the noise? I've never heard a fan beep, but buzz they do.
again, maybe the game is stressing the CPU and it that fan that
is dying. One way to tell is to install a fan monitor or at least
go into BIOS setup and look to see what the fans are running at
and what various temps are. but, if it is an impending HD
failure, then now's the time to get another one, do an image of
the primary partition, and set up everything on the new HD. Then,
one could swap the old one in the 1st bay with the new one and
just see what happens.

HP, aka Jerry