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Ext User(Greg)
05-06-2007, 07:23 PM
Not quite the same; but I had a similar problem. Here is a link to our
checks and the solution. Might give you a few iddeas.

Bill Blanton:
> That is the desktop's properties sheet? What does the laptop's sheet
> "Partition Style: Not Applicable" applies to removables which do not
> a partition structure. Does the laptop, which apparently is still able
to access
> the disk, list the "Style" as "Not Applicable" or does it list "MBR"?
If the latter,
> then the laptop would be structuring the disk as a fixed disk. Though
> it can happen, and would create a problem if then read as a removable
> "Derek Peters" <DerekPeters@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote in
message news:33265AF1-0371-4D85-BBA2-DFCEDD75E2BB@microsoft.com...
>>I wish I had even a glimmer of understanding about what's going on
here Bill.
>> The first time I tried a format from cmd I got an error message
>> unreadable' Now I have 'Drive does not exist' while at the same time
>> properties in Device Manager tell me the volume is Type: Unknown,
>> Unreadable, Partition Style: Not applicable.
>> The unit is a Maxtor so it should be ok, what is happening with my
windows OS?
>> "Bill Blanton" wrote:
>>> Using the desktop, try a format from a cmd prompt and see if that
>>> produces anything, error message or otherwise.
>>> Start > Run... > cmd
>>> format X: /fs:ntfs (where X: is the drive letter of the RAW
>>> Is the drive seen as "Removable" on the laptop? How is it seen
>>> on the desktop? Device Manager > Disk drives > YourUSBdrive >
>>> properties > Volumes > Populate
>>> Read the "type" field. It should list "Removable" or "Basic".
>>> "Derek Peters" <DerekPeters@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote in
>>> news:99CC374F-BC7B-4A34-9318-8B06D241E9FB@microsoft.com...
>>> > You're right Billy, the RAW description is in the properties
sheet, there is
>>> > an option to format but when I click on it nothing happens. I
>>> > installed any security/encryption on the external drive, I just
let the
>>> > laptop write data to it. When it wouldn't work on the desktop I
>>> > to the laptop and formatted in NTFS and tried a cold boot on the
desktop with
>>> > the drive attached and live, but to no avail.
>>> >
>>> > "Bill Blanton" wrote:
>>> >
>>> >> "Derek Peters" <DerekPeters@discussions.microsoft.com> wrote in
>>> >> news:AEA36A51-5671-4D6F-93AC-A97FC81DC068@microsoft.com...
>>> >> >I have a USB external drive which works perfectly with my laptop
but not with
>>> >> > my desktop. Both run XP Home SP2, and the drive is formatted in
NTFS but the
>>> >> > desktop reads it as RAW so will not read from it or write to
it; when I try
>>> >> > to use it I get an error mesage that "path could not be found".
On the
>>> >> > desktop Windows Explorer assigns it a drive letter, Device
Manager states it
>>> >> > is working normally but Disc Manager does not list it. How do I
make the
>>> >> > desktop recognise the NTFS file system? The hard drive on this
machine is
>>> >> > NTFS, nothing is RAW which according to Windows Help was only
used in
>>> >> > ME/2000. PLease help!
>>> >>
>>> >> I assume you mean it shows "RAW" in the volume's properties
>>> >> Raw in this case means the partition is not formatted. Does
>>> >> show an option to format? You might try that, though that doesn't
>>> >> why the disk isn't being seen at all in the disk manager. Did you
>>> >> any security/encryption software for the drive on the laptop?
>>> >>
>>> >>
>>> >>
>>> >>