View Full Version : Peter Garrett. An Environment Minister Living On His Knees

Ext User(B0NZ0)
28-12-2007, 01:23 PM
The Sea Shepard captain of the Steve Irwin recons Garrett photographing
dying whales is what Greenpeace has been doing for years. With no results.
Garrett wrote the memorable line 'its better to die on your feet than to
live on your knees' at a time when Midnight Oil actually did something
about the environment. So what is Garrett doing about the country that is
the worlds largest carbon emitter per capita, the country that he is now
envionment minister of? He's doing nothing because Gunns and
CFMEU-Forestry have taught him to live on his knees. Well Peter you are
going to lean how to live on your feet again because there are now
millions of Aussies whose survival depends on it.