View Full Version : Maoist Kevin Rudd. Helping Crush Tasmanians And Tibetans.

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24-03-2008, 10:23 AM
Tasmanians And Tibetans eh? Rudd's totalitarian friend China is playing a
pivotal role in the destruction of both states. Tasmania's native forests
are being flattened to feed China's voracious appetite for resources. The
Gunns pulp mill is intended to service just this market. In return
Tasmania gets less rainfall, less oxygen, more atmospheric carbon and
permanently polluted water, air and food. Add-in the social unrest that a
corrupt Labor government brings, with thousands of angry and
disenfranchised people ready to physically stop construction, and you have
a Lhasa-type situation. Tibet was and is a sovereign religious state that
was invaded by totalitarian China. How does Kevin Rudd feel about no
elections at all? That's the regime he's supporting. Rudd maybe on an
endless Brisbane-Beijing shuttle but he was elected to promote Australia's
interests, not the interests of Beijing. Kevin Rudd has inherited a nation
that cannot manufacture jeans and t-shirts anymore, and yet with massive
taxpayer subsidies is trying to service the Chinese wood pulp market. Talk
about ALP group-think and failed globalisation. Please, all Australians,
watch Kevin Rudd very, very closely on any Chinese issue. The cards are
all on Beijing's side of the table. Just a few torn-up Western Australian
minerals contracts and Australia is economically a dead man walking. It is
a very serious situation. We are being asked to accept everything the
Chinese Communist Party demands, be it torture, compulsory sterilisations
or ecological collapse. The answer is we must start backing-out of
globalisation for our own survival. We have become the globalisation
victim and not the globalisation winner we were promised. We must accept
this and begin to bring decision making and independence back to Canberra.
The bitterly sad truth is Australia is already being run from Beijing and
Kevin Rudd is their brain-dead cheerleader. CC To Website: Kevin Rudd,
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