View Full Version : Our political quislings have declared their independence from therestraints of patriotism

Ext User(corella)
25-08-2011, 02:53 PM
Growth-mad politicians and media drones parrot the
drivel that diversity is our strength. It is only
the strength of those who push this tripe. It is
the strength of profiteers seeking cheap labour,
and of political, commercial and ethnic interests.
The world's power structures have always "divided
to conquer" and nothing divides and conquers so
cheaply as the multicultural Trojan Horse that
carries plague immigration inside the walls of
sovereign nations. Do you think that the scum at
the top give two hoots about "vibrant communities"
and the like? They are for plague immigration
because it lowers wages and working conditions and
puts more money in their pockets, end of story.

The failed globalist bullshit of yesterday, is
recycled back into the radical new "reforms" of
tomorrow, and today is the globalist tomorrow you
didn't worry about yesterday. Plague immigration
causing debt and poverty - this is the sick
reality. Globalist parasites made a difficult and
expensive path for Aussies to travel. There is no
argument for increasing our population except to
swell the coffers of property racketeers. Ignore
the frightening screeching of brainwashed
multiculturalists. Is the slow genocide of
Anglophone culture in Australia merely the
cleansing fire of multiculturalism? Is the
destruction of Australia's institutions and people
a small price to pay for unearned real estate
profits for the few?

The facts can be placed before the eyes and ears
of the public, but if the sheeple don't want to
know, little can be achieved. By using ridicule
and condemnation, the quislings have waterproofed
people against knowing the awful truth.
Xenophilia, which is love of the alien and hatred
of your own kind, is a psychiatric pathology
leading to treason. It has seized many weak or
evil personalities, and has almost strangled free
speech with the rhetoric of cultural diversity. So
you don't have a stake in plague immigration?
That's because you are not a rich parasite. The
globalist rich will need police-state terror to
control public rage, once the sheeple understand
what is being done to them.