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  1. MeanDean's Avatar
    You turn me on!
  2. jokiin's Avatar
    yes I actually read this also

    Holy crap. I can edit other peoples posts? Why didn't I know about this way on back in the day of being incredibly lazy on

    So, my username is jokiin. Its a secret why I keep it lower case. I've done a fair bit of stuff on this software so I could if I wanted to, and if I couldn't I'd just ask my buddy nsu, who also failed to capitalise his letters.

    • I enjoy long walks on the beach, intelligent conversation, and sex isn't that important but that doesn't mean I'm not a pretty happy guy about it.
    • My measurements are 6 inches long by 3 inches circumference.
    • My preference is women and the more liberal the world gets, the more I occasionally find myself looking more and more realistically about my inclination for men. I find, today, that I think it would be really difficult to relax enough in a homosexual situation to know if I'd enjoy that or not. Sure, that means I'm homophobic, but its what I am and its what the world I grew up in, and know today, has helped to shape me into being, so I'm not ashamed of it nor deny it. If I really put all things aside, though, and ponder various circumstance that might lead to such a situation (far fetched or otherwise), I can't really answer the question properly because to know is to do and quite honestly, it isn't what I tend to look for.
    • I'm not picky about women. The only aspect of women that I'm picky about, is that I don't like picky women. I find that this can be a significant red flag for someone that I find to be high maintenance.
    • My perfect date you ask? Well, as I said, sex isn't a top priority. Its something that's going to happen along the way but isn't an expectation. That said, however, my PERFECT date obviously would include this. I know that's not attractive, but it was an unfair question to begin with.

    I'm available via private message or email in the contact section at
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  3. MeanDean's Avatar
    Thanks walli.
    Hopefully, I'll be spending less time here though, and be putting together a fair enough collection of useful stuff that I've learned to make a credible looking registered site, at which point I can throw up ads, let google know about it, and then move on to adding an Ubuntu repo, putting resource heavy and/or poorly written guis to cli things I come accross and have already done, then throwing up a PayPal "beg for money" system.

    $20 a month, here I come!!!!
  4. walli's Avatar
    oh - and nice to see you're blogging again
  5. walli's Avatar
    Good luck with that Dean - all I know is it was nice of the man who had to basically rebuild my computer to only charge what he quoted when he thought it was only going to be a simple de-bug. And even that was mate's rates. I'm scared of computers just like I don't trust the physics of air travel. It's like, if my computer's exhibiting virus-like symptoms I treat it like it's got a death sentence - nobody in the house is allowed near it until it's been to the doctor and been given the all-clear.
  6. Leroy Peterson's Avatar
    hahaha karaoke can bring the best and worst out of people...
  7. MeanDean's Avatar
    I keep coming back to it being simplistic fun without learning the cruel part of the lesson it appears. I think its because I blame myself and you are right, that problems are really petty online.

    I remember the girl you're referring to. Watching your frustration was a barrel of laughs for me :P even though I knew it didn't feel good. The power trip of egotistically giving good advice was a plus as well.

    I met a Swedish girl at a barbecue on New Year's Eve and the lack of anyone else contributing to conversation along with my enthusiasm to learn about a country I knew nothing about ... and a mix up during karaoke where I was singing "Dontcha" by the Pussycat dolls and was at one point pointing at my wife while singing, but out of the corner of her eye as my contestant (Wii sing) I'm pretty sure that she thought that I was pointing at her because she was really awkward after that. I think I pissed off her fiancée by not realising that she even had one which resulted in not making sure to include him in the conversation until it was a little late. They were both a little strange. She wasn't actually an appealing person all that much, physically or personally.
  8. Leroy Peterson's Avatar

    you didnt really go into detail regarding the problem with this lady. but you seem to talk down to her (which is a pretty good thing) so you cant respect her all that much (which is probably another good thing). if she's causing more harm than good, ditch the bitch. When you think about it, so many "complications" that formed with people online, so much of it is irrelevant or just unnecessary. sorting out social problems online is a headache that we could all do without.

    Other than people from this place and my Swedish pen pal (who i met in person eventually), haven't really had many purely online friends. But a close friend of mine from ages ago and all her friends (you know MD, that girl from aaaaages ago with the bf causing all sorts of problems), we mostly conversed online due to them living the other side of the city. and all it did was create chaos. So from that and a couple of randoms from this place over MSN, i realised that dealing with young females online, regardless of intentions or type of relationship, is nothing more than effort wasted
  9. walli's Avatar
    i find clothes are underrated.
  10. walli's Avatar
  11. MeanDean's Avatar
    Were there clothes in the sleeping bag?
  12. walli's Avatar
    I like John Cusack. I had a dream the other night where he and I were in a sleeping bag, completely, like with our heads covered up and everything, and he was behind me, loud-whispering in my ear "Fffffff......UCK! FFffff....UCK! Fff...UCK!" like when they're spelling a word on Sesame street. It was in his best angry thirty-year-old bitter jilted man voice too. (Think Hi-Fidelity or Grosse Point Blank vintage.)
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  13. walli's Avatar
    it's fine MD, just me having a dig at your usual verbosity
  14. MeanDean's Avatar
    I was making it up as I went for the most part, and didn't go back for much editing. It wasn't meant for publication. It was an attempt at how I felt at the time and isn't submitted for the review of critics from the perspective you're looking at it. To understand it, you'd have to go back to that moment in history ... from that perspective, and just read it as a guy trying to express what is overwhelming and unexpressable, and that I blogged it with little forethought of where I was going. I was impressed with myself at the time with how it turned out. It's like trying to explain some of the views of the grand canyon when it is what it is because it's too vast for our own comprehension to begin with and this is the true "awe" of human experience. Anything else is just a cheap substitute of an experience.

    If that's hard to understand then it's because I'm using a tiny screen on an iPhone to type :S
  15. walli's Avatar
    okay i read half of that, and if you were to publish it, you'd have to add a more obvious link between the movie Hancock and the presidential election because I was trying to work out what you were on about there for awhile. I haven't seen Hancock, but I didn't think it was about that (or is it? I dunno). Well whatever, when i have a bit more time I'll read the rest of it.
  16. MeanDean's Avatar
    It worked well. Lit-tle doesn't look right.
  17. walli's Avatar
    My Li-ttle Pony, I love my li-ttle pony... I brush and comb her hair

    That was really hard, trying to work out where to put the hyphen
  18. tazwegion's Avatar
    Little pony collection? sorry too geeky for me... I only collected Star Wars figurines as a kid
  19. MeanDean's Avatar
    Yes they are. They're incredibly cool... I was going to make the point using my My Little Pony collection but I was too embarrassed
  20. tazwegion's Avatar
    Stifled masculine emotion is a hangup of our Society and it's ever increasing confusion over what a man really is, in the end all you can do is remain true to yourself
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