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Because I said so.

I have plans to write long rants that no one will ever read.

  1. The Chronicles of Dean - Part 5

    Monday 16 November, 2:34 AM

    I'm going to go, right now, and find out what AM and PM mean...
    ...okay, all in Latin, "meridiem" is "noon". "Ante" is "before". "Post" is the same so we take it directly from Latin. And we thus have Before Noon and After Noon.

    My wife is jealous because I'm price checking something with a friend of ours for a female I only know from the internet. I was kind of offended. I know why ...
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  2. The Chronicles of Dean - Part 4

    Saturday 14 November 2009, 11:39 PM

    Still haven't looked up AM and PM to see what they mean. Still don't care.

    Think blog section may be unmoderated. Will test theory at a random date by posting inappropriate images.

    Wife is really, really carefree recently. Don't know why, and don't care. Presume that it took her this long to get over the psychological impact of how childbirth changes a woman's body, especially since she had a strand of skin that needed ...
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  3. The Chronicles of Dean - Part 3

    Friday 13 November 2009, 3:16 AM

    Noticed that it's Friday the 13th. What does it mean? Should I care?

    Still haven't looked up what AM and PM stand for. Still don't care.

    Barely sleeping properly. Daughter got sick. I had extra responsibility as a result, barely slept for a couple days then stayed up for a really lengthy period. Has made me very emotional. I think I have a good natural grip on what women go through on a monthly basis, except for me it ...
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  4. The Chronicles of Dean - Part 2

    Tuesday 10 November 2009; 5:16 PM

    Still don't know what the f*** AM and PM stand for... still don't care.

    Boring day. Nothing to do.

    Measured doors for replacements. Realised that the hinges are screwed into the door, but are welded to the metal door frame... f***! Also, they all have to have little things cut out where the hinges will go back in, so that the hinges are level with the wood. The hinges are also not the same level on all 3 doors. Hopefully I ...
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  5. The Chronicles of Dean - Part 1

    Tuesday, November 10 2009, 1:16 AM

    My stool was much looser than it typically is. It wasn't really nasty, but it still was enough to warrant the question, "Why does this happen every single time I order pizza, but never when I make pizza at home?"

    Also, just now when I typed the date and time, it occurred to me that I don't know what AM and PM stand for. I think I knew the answer to that when I was a kid. Now, I can only guess, and my guess is that it rooted ...

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