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Because I said so.

I have plans to write long rants that no one will ever read.

  1. How to get more page views.

    Yep, you guessed it. The way to get more page views is by naming the entry something like "How to get more page views."

    I think many of us will admit that the new features of the software, that make it almost a tiny facebook, have been fun. I reckon a lot of people would feel isolated too, for example new members, people that don't post much, and... well I guess anyone who posts here that I didn't personally add as a friend.
    My money is on me being the first one to ...
  2. Mine is bigger than yours.

    I started a blog once. I made one post, and that was it.
    It was after Jok11n posted a link to some other guy's blog that was making big money writing one. I looked at his blog and it was really short, to the point, had a video on one of the articles he was blogging about. It was a full length embedded episode of some program on the BBC about computers expected to be capable of, by 2020, programming other computers and it brings up all kinds of questions about computers building other computers ...
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