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My Poetry from the very start

All my poetry is going to be put in here so it is easier to manage and read

Most of them really are not that good but im still a learner and im sure eventually i will be better

  1. Grey Blur

    I cant seem to look at anyone
    all I see is a blur
    and its all because of him
    because he slept with her.

    I cried myself to sleep for months
    thinking about what i did so wrong
    to have him treat me the way he did
    and why he did it for so long

    How do i get passed all this
    when i was with him for two years
    how can i move on with someone else
    when i have so many fears

    He played me for a fool ...

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  2. a post that isnt a poem.

    i know i know this is not a poem and that is all i was gonna post in here. but i needed to write down everything otherwise it was gonna play on my mind and i will never get past it. so without the long version im gonna try and shorten this to the best i can.

    first off everyone knows i like matty...its obvious and he likes me too. We have that sorted out. I have this good mate paulee who i adore, we went to school together but never hung out but now we talk and things are great. ...
  3. My Rock

    I'll never find the words
    to explain how i feel for you
    You gave me a reason to live
    If only you felt it too

    When i turn off the light
    your face is what i see
    your arms i want to be in
    i wish you were there with me

    I dont give a damn what i said
    cause i want to be with you
    I just cant say it out loud
    because i never want to lose you

    Why does it have to be so hard
    i cant tell you what ...
  4. Im Stronger Now

    You came into my life
    took my heart and ran away
    even though im over you
    forever in my heart you'll stay

    I can't go on feeling like i do
    I thought we had a good thing
    but now im looking for something new
    to get my heart back in the swing

    I lost so much when you left
    but went on with a fragile heart
    i cherish the times we spent together
    but its better now we're apart

    My friends were there ...
  5. Grand-Daughter's Hatred

    What a raving hypocrite
    she sends me emails almost every day
    and then backstabs us behind our backs
    I hope one day she will pay

    I hate her so much it makes me sick
    families are supposed to love each other
    but how on earth can i love that witch
    my family, my blood, my grandmother

    Im over all of her crap
    She is now completely out of my life
    she is pathetic, toxic, unforgivable
    It's a pity she is my grandfathers ...
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