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  1. Will Film School finally pay off?

    I had a meeting with a television producer this morning. It was to pitch a TV special / series to co-incide with the release nationwide of one of my future books. With a potential print and TV cross-over in the works, the producer was receptive, and by the end of the half-hour pitch meeting wants to now slowly work towards getting enough together to approach possibly ABC or SBS and secure development grant funding from the SA Film Corp. and involve the National Film Archives at Canberra. As I ...
  2. Why I Hardly Read Your Blogs...

    Ting? Boom? Flubber doing the tango? No body puts baby in the corner? Try putting FAERIEKITTEH SUCKS Most defintley worth my time
  3. Slave server saga

    HD sent back table repair command to RAM. RAM just can not handle live table repair with the huge post table. RAM choked CD, CD wasn't able to do anything, despite DVD is waving the powerful arms.
  4. Well... July Is Here

    Pinch and a punch for the first day of the month.

    And for those that this applies to...

    Kiss & a kick for being so quick
  5. Never Think Too Hard

    Is it just me, or has anyone else ever thought of a Gynaecologist as a vagina doctor?

    That's a scary thought.

    Oh well, off to the Doc, gonna find out if I might have cancer or some strange abnormality


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