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  1. Well... July Is Here

    Pinch and a punch for the first day of the month.

    And for those that this applies to...

    Kiss & a kick for being so quick
  2. Never Think Too Hard

    Is it just me, or has anyone else ever thought of a Gynaecologist as a vagina doctor?

    That's a scary thought.

    Oh well, off to the Doc, gonna find out if I might have cancer or some strange abnormality


  3. Firefox3 as always, better in mac

    Well... not really... Browser versions are always a steaming heap of boringness... I had just noticed that firefox 3 was out of beta... so i want off installing it on every PC in sight.

    The only complaint i heard was about the awsomebar... the new look address bar that acts like vista's instant search or OSX's spotlight. Well in windows, (perhaps its a deliberate annoyance... damn dirty playing linux uber nerds...) the search function addresses the title of a visited web page at a ...
  4. Window power users

    What a fcuking oxymoron
    I read this on a support forum and it made me laugh like hell. The title of the thread was a support question for basic networking so obviously it wasn't a system admin, and the guy opens up with this sentance:
    "I'm a Windows Power User, but I don't know how to program."

    It's like saying "I don't know how to set up my networking, I can't program, yet I can use GUI tools to tweak the fcuk out of my machine I tell ya " ...
  5. Linux... i hate it... i wish it would just die...

    Well... I'm bored so i'll do this blog thing... I don't think it'll be any different from my nonsensical rants in the threads in the general chat thing, but what the hell...

    Its ubuntu... and inherently, all open source operating systems... Their design is so backward and flawed, i don't understand why people are so adamantly appealed to them. Take what i was trying to do today... i wanted to ssh to my mac... just so i could... So... i try terraterm pro... can't connect to my mac ...
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