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Conversation Between Watcher and SHY

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  1. Happy birthday Make an apperance please
  2. You haven't been around in here for such a long time, sometimes I know why and don't blame ya.

    Happy Birthday hope it's a fantastic one!
  3. You're being very quiet and staying hiden Hope everything is ok, just letting you know you're missed
  4. How come you get a hug from the UK, you're spoiled
  5. Watcher, don't listen to Jo. She's a dibber dobber and childish and she starting the threads.
  6. Well nothing I didn't know in here

    He hasn't done any questions yet.
  7. G'day just a friendly visit from the stalker.
  8. No, I hardly ever read Dean's posts so why start now.
  9. You watch too many chick flicks SHY. I can give you a list of some good zombie movies to check out if you like.
    Then you can swap your box of tissues for a bucket.
  10. I read the message you left in Biggy's, you are so mean Watcher.
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