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  1. Good point Thanks I'll be fine, it's not a migraine as I get a lot so alls good
  2. Nope. Because you went to bed early, then you should have been able to rise early.

    (hope you feel better soon)
  3. Yah got me with the 1st of the month again

    I had a bad headache and had to go to bed early, is that a good enough excuse
  4. This was the 1st month that the 1st fell on a working day this year. there is a good chance to get me if the 1st falls on a weekend or holiday as I usually don't jump on the 'puter.
  5. You beat me to the pinch, punch again. But you haven't worried about it for a month or 2 so I didn't think you'd bother, that's what I get for assuming.
  6. are a sweetie. You staying for a cuppa?
  7. Hello there I'm not in here much at all these days but just popped in to hand deliver this message to yah
  8. Check out this site for xmas lights
  9. Pinch, punch monty for the 1st of the month Once again I sent the pm 1st.
  10. monty's a tease
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