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  1. Thanks Debs. I hope it is better than the last.
  2. Got in first for a change
    Happy new financial year montyb8
  3. Sorry, I must of ticked your box in my haste. I was conscious of not sending one to you. Please accept my apologies.
  4. Monty - I thought I mentioned elsewhere in the phorum that I was tired of how long this little joke of yours has gone on for thought you said you took me off your list
  5. Done
  6. monty
    Help required please
    Can you help explain this a little clearer than I can
    It looks like someone around here still thinks giving a donation is a tax refund instead of a tax deduction
    Thank you
  7. Dang, Maybe next month
  8. Hey monty
    It's the first of the month today Can't catch me
    Happy New Financial Year
  9. Hiya Debs, Long time no speak
  10. Hi montyb8
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