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Because I said so.


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Despite thinking she's a generic product in the music industry, from sound to video to stage and video fashion sense. I can't help but to be fascinated with Lady Gaga.


  1. MeanDean's Avatar
    Also, I secretly like Kid Rock, but he kind of gives me the shits too.
  2. Leroy Peterson's Avatar
    Its ok MD. Its ok...
  3. MeanDean's Avatar
    Thanks man
  4. Leroy Peterson's Avatar
    I secretly hate Zsa Zsa Gabor
  5. MeanDean's Avatar
    lol. I think its safe to be out of the closet for sure with that one.
  6. walli's Avatar
    I like John Cusack. I had a dream the other night where he and I were in a sleeping bag, completely, like with our heads covered up and everything, and he was behind me, loud-whispering in my ear "Fffffff......UCK! FFffff....UCK! Fff...UCK!" like when they're spelling a word on Sesame street. It was in his best angry thirty-year-old bitter jilted man voice too. (Think Hi-Fidelity or Grosse Point Blank vintage.)
    Updated 19-12-2009 at 03:07 AM by walli
  7. MeanDean's Avatar
    Were there clothes in the sleeping bag?
  8. walli's Avatar
  9. walli's Avatar
    i find clothes are underrated.