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Because I said so.

The Chronicles of Dean - Part 14

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19 year old girls on the internet are not to be trusted, not even if they seem incredibly grounded (which I am not) and mature for their age.

I'm sure the question in everyone's head is "Why is Dean putting any time into strange 19 year olds?" Its a good question, and part of my answer is "Exactly!", but part of it is an explanation as well. Its someone who I came across as a 13 year old 5 years ago, who I found rather annoying at the time but forced myself to be nice to and who over time I came to think was a blitheringly simple person to talk to occasionally, for the reason a smart yet stupid stereotypical blonde is. She got onto my messenger a while back, as a forum gossip queen who I knew I could both leech for info and feed info to to be indirectly passed around, over some self inflicted chaos involving political bullshit between myself, a moderator, and someone who just discovered the internet the week before (or so you would think given the stupidity of their reaction to my usual ... over reaction). Anyway, that's how this friendship started.

I maintain that this was only a friendship as well. I only asked to see her boobs 30 to 40 times so it was all quite normal. I'm kidding, and truth be told I have asked to see them. I don't think they would be that exciting, however my wife finding out that I asked... that would create more than a little tension but it wouldn't be sexual in nature.

My wife does know who she is, and knows who some of you people reading this are. She even remembers people from a forum I used to post on 8 years ago.

I've forgotten where I was going with this when I started now. I think I just wanted to complain. Its not just girls of course. Guys are the same way and adolescence is what it is. I really shouldn't expect people to follow their moral integrity over a mob mentality, loyalty to someone else who has a problem with me, indefinitely, unreasonably, and I really shouldn't expect them to follow their integrity further than an ice cream truck... okay that's an overstatement, we'll say "nightclub" instead... which is kind of funny now that I think of it because I got a Facebook event invitation for a guy's birthday at a nightclub... "Ladies drink free" and the picture of the place halfway resembled a cheap brothel looking thing... or so I assume that's what those places are in the city that have an entrance with a stairway going up. Obviously, I'm not going.

I've forgotten what I was saying again... its the lack of sleep I'm forcing myself through at the moment.
Oh yeah... I was saying that of course it isn't just girls that are like this, however they do gossip a lot I guess but more importantly I've never really had the urge to put guys on my MSN. There's some on there and have been in the passed... one who was 19 that I met from a forum in fact. I was helping him moderate is why he was there. After that I ever so often made conversation with him and then started asking about his sex life. If he didn't actually have girlfriends from time to time I would have thought he was gay for putting up with my harassment at all along with the nervousness.

Kids really aren't screwing as much these days (here in Australia), than they were when I was the same age (in the US)... good on em I guess.

Right... so how did things go wrong with this girl? Well I'm not even sure they have to be honest, but it is clear that after being suckered into joining an incredibly... immature themed forum of hers, that it may be time to ... yeah well it looks like there's been a large violation of trust. I guess when the 13 year old forum gossip queen grows up, its expected that this is going to happen.

I find it incredibly difficult to end counterproductive relationships on the internet in comparison to it being... not without ... I think its my age. I didn't have the internet until I was ... hmm, I didn't have a computer untill 2000, so I was 28. By the age of 28, the ideal would be to have naturally learned how to deal with and go through life's problems such as staying away from a person or a place that gave you the shits. 8 years on the internet and a little more than half of that with broadband, and I find myself ... having to learn fundamental skills. It feel belittling now that I finally identify it.

This failure to leave something alone goes for social sites as well, including this one. I'm not trying to be disrespectful or ungrateful, but its not like there's anything really going on here that I should feel the necessity to come back. I don't as often of course, but its still every day.

I guess that its a widespread thing... this unwillingness to let things go online, in comparison to real life lessons that we learn, for example I have 2 friends that are recently separated and I'm pissed off enough at their behaviour toward me (I was used on both ends unknowingly and yes I see the sexual innuendo there so I'm taking the fun out before anyone can be stupid) that I'm pretty okay with not really bothering with either of them and I'm sort of keen to give back some property that they lent us. This I have WAY less problem with than I do with the idea of leaving my Facebook account, which I don't even look at for days at a time, don't upload often to, and don't even use my real name on (privacy... futile even still it seems though).

Yeah so basically... if you think you know a 19 year old girl on forums and MSN that's head centred and has enough integrity not to go behind and slander you over opinions that aren't even their own, then you're wrong. You've actually found one of those lizard people from "V" and just haven't figured it out yet.

My name is Dean and I switched from boxers to those boxer/brief looking things that are sort of like the swimsuit that Daniel Craig wears in the swimming scene in Casino Royale and they're absolutely incredible! I love them. They're really comfortable and the hold everything exactly where you put them for as long as you can go without peeing... maybe even longer but I'm afraid to test for results.
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  1. Leroy Peterson's Avatar

    you didnt really go into detail regarding the problem with this lady. but you seem to talk down to her (which is a pretty good thing) so you cant respect her all that much (which is probably another good thing). if she's causing more harm than good, ditch the bitch. When you think about it, so many "complications" that formed with people online, so much of it is irrelevant or just unnecessary. sorting out social problems online is a headache that we could all do without.

    Other than people from this place and my Swedish pen pal (who i met in person eventually), haven't really had many purely online friends. But a close friend of mine from ages ago and all her friends (you know MD, that girl from aaaaages ago with the bf causing all sorts of problems), we mostly conversed online due to them living the other side of the city. and all it did was create chaos. So from that and a couple of randoms from this place over MSN, i realised that dealing with young females online, regardless of intentions or type of relationship, is nothing more than effort wasted
  2. MeanDean's Avatar
    I keep coming back to it being simplistic fun without learning the cruel part of the lesson it appears. I think its because I blame myself and you are right, that problems are really petty online.

    I remember the girl you're referring to. Watching your frustration was a barrel of laughs for me :P even though I knew it didn't feel good. The power trip of egotistically giving good advice was a plus as well.

    I met a Swedish girl at a barbecue on New Year's Eve and the lack of anyone else contributing to conversation along with my enthusiasm to learn about a country I knew nothing about ... and a mix up during karaoke where I was singing "Dontcha" by the Pussycat dolls and was at one point pointing at my wife while singing, but out of the corner of her eye as my contestant (Wii sing) I'm pretty sure that she thought that I was pointing at her because she was really awkward after that. I think I pissed off her fiancée by not realising that she even had one which resulted in not making sure to include him in the conversation until it was a little late. They were both a little strange. She wasn't actually an appealing person all that much, physically or personally.
  3. Leroy Peterson's Avatar
    hahaha karaoke can bring the best and worst out of people...