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Because I said so.

The Chronicles of Dean - Part 15

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Fri 26 Mar 2010 07:07:50 EST

It annoys me every time that someone brings me a Windows problem that involves something that isn't actually them being a dumbarse, because my experience with Windows OSs is that I have almost none, which makes me, fundamentally, a dumbarse when it comes to solving non-dumbarse issues, yet it happens often enough to be annoying.

"How do I get around this Windows Genuine Advantage shit?"
"How do I figure out what's causing a failure to write to usb drives?"
"How do I remove all of these viruses that I got by downloading free antivirus software from pop up sites and Frostwire?"

I always tell people "I don't know, but there's a lot of forums out there that have people that will be able to help you, and it will be a lot quicker than waiting a month or two before you come across the next geek friend you have and then once you do find that person, its faster than having 2 week lag time between trial and error for diagnosis and treatment." I say that nicely though, not how I just wrote it, but it doesn't matter because out of fear for looking dumb, or joining a message forum and being flamed over not using the search function or something, or whatever the reason presumably is, their problems stay unsolved.

This brings me to a new thought. A while back, Canonical was promoting Ubuntu various ways. One was by offering free shipping of the OS to anywhere in the world. I got one of their releases this way when I was still on dial up and wasn't willing to spend 4 days downloading something that I only had a mild curiosity about. They no longer make it such an appealing offer and instead state that if you aren't able to use a download mirror or a torrent then they will ship it to you, but the implication has changed from "Here! take it!" to "Fine! if you really need it then we'll do you the favour."

The other large thing in the promotion of it was that they offered on their website that local volunteers would come to your house and install it on your computer. They might have also mentioned that there would be some basic education on using it but I'm not certain now. It was a long time ago.

Well I guess it doesn't matter because I don't remember what that new thought was anymore. Maybe it was something to do with how people, back then given the smaller community and even fewer who could really work around bugs and get everything working as needed... well If I had to have someone come to my house to install an OS, I sure wouldn't be able to use it, and like many other people who used popular Linux distributions at that time, I spent a lot of time googling, and later on dicking around with things to get things working properly as every computer is differnat. I'd hate to be the guy who was volunteering for home visits to install the OS because at the time there were always more than a few things that were essentials for your average user that needed special attention to get working, if at all, and my presumption is that all the Ubuntu community (dorks and idiots as a mob but a lot of good people with good knowledge as well) wanted was to have everyone ditch their XP, and the reasons for that ranged from the idiotic to the idiotic... and I should know because I've had my idiotic reasons. Plus, everyone knows that we should all be buying Mac products while complaining about those products at the same time... the trend has started to shift and this will be the new way.

My name is Dean and I wish I knew what my new underwear was called but I don't pay attention to these things and my wife bought them, so I didn't really look at what style they're named, but they're black.

Ohhh wait... you know I think for the first time ever, I wrote something that people might actually read. If I were to just use the complaint about people asking me to fix their Windows issues, that I know nothing about, and exclude the rest. I'd actually have something that I could throw ads if I ever had a crap load of page hits. Yeah Buddy!!!... $100 a month here I come!!! In fact there's probably 2 or 3 blog entries lopped into one here. 4 if you count my underwear.
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  1. walli's Avatar
    Good luck with that Dean - all I know is it was nice of the man who had to basically rebuild my computer to only charge what he quoted when he thought it was only going to be a simple de-bug. And even that was mate's rates. I'm scared of computers just like I don't trust the physics of air travel. It's like, if my computer's exhibiting virus-like symptoms I treat it like it's got a death sentence - nobody in the house is allowed near it until it's been to the doctor and been given the all-clear.
  2. walli's Avatar
    oh - and nice to see you're blogging again
  3. MeanDean's Avatar
    Thanks walli.
    Hopefully, I'll be spending less time here though, and be putting together a fair enough collection of useful stuff that I've learned to make a credible looking registered site, at which point I can throw up ads, let google know about it, and then move on to adding an Ubuntu repo, putting resource heavy and/or poorly written guis to cli things I come accross and have already done, then throwing up a PayPal "beg for money" system.

    $20 a month, here I come!!!!
  4. jokiin's Avatar
    yes I actually read this also

    Holy crap. I can edit other peoples posts? Why didn't I know about this way on back in the day of being incredibly lazy on

    So, my username is jokiin. Its a secret why I keep it lower case. I've done a fair bit of stuff on this software so I could if I wanted to, and if I couldn't I'd just ask my buddy nsu, who also failed to capitalise his letters.

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  5. MeanDean's Avatar
    You turn me on!