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Thread: favourite hobbies!!

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    Listening to various genres of music, going to gigs, writing poetry/lyrics, reading and collecting my Lord Of The Rings gaming/models fortnightly
    (Upto #61, all un-opened)
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    Bringing up old post. lol. Cross Stitch. writing poetry. Watching movies.
    That awkward moment when you remember something and are not sure whether it was real or a dream.

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    Haha. I always laugh at cross stitch, knitting, etc. I just now thought about those things next to poetry and realized they can be called art, though.

    Recently I've been doing a lot of avoiding reality which involves not seeing my 700 in laws and most recently finding people from high school and a bit after on Facebook, the second thing being a little weird but also kind of enlightening to understand some of the perceptions people had about me that I wasn't aware of. The biggest shock, yet not really too big nor did the feeling last long given that I'm familiar with the batch, is that when I was 19, my mom was apparently throwing herself at my best friend. Must have been pretty weird for him, I had just him (and the first time I'd told anyone about it) how my mom raped me as a young child and meanwhile he's dodging blatant advances from her and doesn't feel he can say anything to me. This should have been in the 10 commandments, "Though shalt not **** thy kids best friend." I hate her.

    Netflix, another way to be avoidance.
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