G'day everyone and welcome to our Phor Sale/Trade section.
Please feel free to buy/sell/trade in this section whenever you'd like to, but please follow our set of rules so that life will be made easier for our members and staff.

The Rules -
* Please trade your DVDs, CDs, video games, photography gear and PC gear in the sections that already exist for those kinds of items.
* Do not advertise or ask for illegal items or things of an offensive nature.
* These forums and the staff cannot be held responsible for any transactions that take place, so please think carefully when dealing with other members.
* Leave feedback on other members in our Trader References section so that others can get an idea of how a member has traded previously.
* Do not flood the section with multiple items and there is a limit of 4 threads per person at a time.
* Don't bump your threads back to the top more than once every 48 hours. Give others a chance for their stuff to be seen too.
* This section is for personal sales only, so commercial sales and sellers with commercial size quantities are not permitted to advertise.
* Do not reply with messages about how you can get it cheaper elsewhere. Discuss it in private with the seller if you must.
* Tickets to concerts/sporting events can only be advertised at face value. Scalpers, please move along thanks.
* No Ebay auction links or links to things for sale at other sites are allowed.

Thanks for your time and all the best with your sales/trades.