Anyone else get this DVD/DIVX player? Picked one up for the kids room today
from the Good Guys in Adelaide. Ticketed price was $99, but cash got it for
$80. So far works a treat, has played all my XVID and DIVX files with no
problems. Interestingly it has a SD/MMC card reader and also has a USB2.0
port at the front and I plugged my portable HDD into it and low and behold
it accessed all its contents so you can have all your movies, photos and
MP3s on it and select them that way. It will read any USB device that
appears as a mass storage device on a PC.
The only negatives which can be also said about just about any other cheap
DVD player is the poxy GUI interface with mumbo jumbo fonts and non eye
friendly design, but hell for $80 its hardly a complaint.
Recommend to anyone after a cheap DIVX player with a few extra features.