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Thread: Telefunken TDV228 region hack

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    Quote Originally Posted by BWu View Post
    sure i still have a copy of this upgrade. post ur email and i'll send it to you.
    Sorry to push BWu, but do you still have that upgrade?

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    Anyone have a copy of the firmware?

    Hey guys,
    I've still not received a copy of this firmware from BWu, does anyone else still have a copy?
    ps. To those that have emailed me requesting a copy. I'll post if I manage to find a copy from anyone!

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    May 2010
    Hi there, I am a Newbie, if you do ever get a copy of the firmare I would really, really appreciate a copy, though it looks like an old post, so perhaps not much hope?
    If I do find a copy elsewhere I will likewise post you a copy...

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    Hey BitDeaf

    I never did source a copy of that firmware, got heaps of requests though
    If you manage to track a copy down, please shoot me a msg, would still love a copy!
    Good luck!

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    Many Thanks for your reply, I did manage to download a file, with the right name, that claimed to be the update, I put it on a USB key, the DVD recognised it, I said OK to proceed with update, it warned not to power off until complete, the display went out on the display, as did video out, and unit switched off, I fear for the last time.

    So I won't send you this update unless you really want it, though I suppose it could be coincidence...

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