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Thread: Forum Personal Information

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    Forum Personal Information

    It is surprising the number of Posts I read where if I replied, the advice would only be relevent if the original poster lived in the same country as me. I therefore sometimes do not reply if that information is missing. This is especially the case if someone is asking about the best price for a product or where a replacement part can be purchased.

    Whilst I realise that a lot of people like to remain anonymous on the Internet, I think it would be helpful if Posters included at least the country where they live in their personal details. This of course is not a requirement, just a suggestion.


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    I agree. The user profile info isn't really personal to the extent that it compromises anything important. Some privacy related items can be tailored to suit the user's wishes anyway. I always find it interesting to know a little about the people we try to help. It can be quite usefull when recommending a different forum and/or other resources, which we freely and often do.


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    we have the same problem over on the OCAU forums.
    in the for sale forum if someone is selling something and they don't have their location details, or at the very least post where they are, you usually end up with the first couple of posts asking where the seller is.

    it's not hard to do and you don't have to go into specifics.
    at the very least people could put what state, in what country.

    EDIT: i just realised i haven't even followed my own advice.
    all i have is my state.
    /me goes of to fix that.

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