The following dates are interesting as reference points. They are not
intended to be more than that as they are somewhat difficult to verify!
Critical dates in the history of man - (History of the galaxy is
shown in italics while the history of the earth is in standard text)

A: Period prior to 500,000 years ago.

Before time: In the beginning, before there was even the thought of
time, there was thought. There was being. There was thought to bring
forth creative energy for energy cannot be contained, not even in the
sphere of time

17,000,000,000/14,000,000,000 y.a. The halo of the Milky Way starts to
4,800,000,000 y.a (years ago). Explosion of a supernova preceding the
solar system.
4,560,000,000 y.a. Formation of the earth and of the moon. Archean
4,000,000,000 y.a. The First simple DNA cells appeared on earth..
3,460,000,000 y,a,. The first fossils found were dated from this
period. Photosynthesis starts.
2,500,000,000 y.a. Cyanobacteria start forming O2.
2,233,000,000 y.a. . Our spiral galaxy and related globular clusters
were seeded with pre-programmed DNA mechanisms by an unknown race or
1,055,254,400 y.a. Around this period five cultures emerged in widely
separated areas of the galaxy. They all claimed being in contact with
the culture of the Creators.
1,033,112,250/1,019,925,000 y.a. The first truly galactic society, the
Old Galactic Culture (OGC) embracing over 3,000 planets and 150 species
and cultural groupings. The OGC continued to prosper and expand,
exploring the galaxy and searching for the now elusive creators for the
next 13,000,000 years
1,012,862,250 y.a. The foundation of the Federation of Galactic
Cultures. It took about 19 milliom years for this Federation to form.
Its days of glory lasted over 550 million years.

885,200,000 y.a.: The Ssh'h, a renegade "elder
race" appeared, heralding the beginning of the end for the OGC. It
was focused on the physical and the material aspects, making it
aggressive, violent and possessive. Their wars of conquest eroded the
OGC and the stability of the galaxy

657,155,250 y.a.A group of cultures near the galactic core, the
Coalition of Central Core Cultures (C3 Coalition) became the only
civilizing force left in the galaxy, and in 339,828,750 began to
reshape galactic civilization and helped reunify the Archons.

267,671,250 y.a. The age of the Archons which
ended in the Dark Night of Galactic history, exploded into a civil
blood bath which laid waste to much of the galaxy.
1,000,000,000/543,000,000 y.a. Neoproterozoic period on
earth Increased oxygen availability in the air resulted in the starting
off of animal diversification.
660,000,000 y.a. Sponges make their first appearance
580,000,000 y. a. A meteorite 4 km in diameter strikes Australia,
causing a huge 100m high tsunami.
560,000,000 y, a. The Paleozoic/Cambrian period sees the explosion of a
large variety of creatures. The Vetulicolia, the ancestors of the
vertebrates, make their first appearance.
500,000,000 y. a. The Paleozoic/Ordovician period sees the start of
terrestrial plants.
440,000,000. y. a. The end of the Ordovician period sees the first mass
extinction of life.
435,000,000.y. a. In the Paleozoic/Silurian period, the levels of CO2
and CH4 were 360 & 435 PPMV respectively. These values are comparable
with todays rising levels.
370,000,000.y. o. The late Devonian saw the second mass extinction of
286,000,000/250,000,000 y. o. The Paleozoic/Permian period saw the
third dramatic extinction of life. From the 50% of the phyla that
survived, life later bounced back . 250,000,000 y.
a. The Dark Night of Galactic History. A civil blood bath decimated the
Archons. Following the collapse of the Archonic Empire, galactic
civilization revived slowly 215,000,000 /200.000,000 y.a.
The 4th.mass extinction of life resulted in the destruction of 95% of
all species. A new glacial period regresses life on earth. Our solar
system contained 9 planets, Mercury, Mars, Tiamat (a giant planet
between Mars & Jupiter), Jupiter Saturn, Uranus, Unknown, Neptune, and
Pluto, with their moons. Nibiru was a planet orbiting around its sun
Osiris. Following a cosmic catastrophe Nibiru was forced into a new
orbit around our sun. Some of its moons collapsed on Mars causing Mars
to lose its atmosphere and all its life forms. Tiamat was also
affected, it got cut in 2 and lost most of its life forms, including
the dinosaurs. One half remained in its orbit, becoming our planet
Earth, the other part forming the Asteroid Belt between Mars & Jupiter.
As for Nibiru it began an eccentric orbit around the sun of 3600
years. In the history of Mesopotamia, India, Egypt, Greece, and others,
this event is described as "the war of the Gods in heaven »

150,000,000 y. a. The two halves of the Earth's crust meet, forming
the continents. 118,731,000 y. a. Earth was re-discovered and
re-bioformed in 81,475,750
85,000,000 y.a. Human and mice genomes diverge from a common ancestor.
68,000,000/66,000,000y.a.Jesus talks about a planet Maldek where the
human race "played out a most wonderful civilization, and drama,
enjoying a high technology, up to the time when there was an event that
caused the explosion of the planet." What happened was that the
Zetans first colonized the planet, then the Drakars took over and sent
three asteroids. One to Venus, which was protected by its violent
atmosphere, the second to Earth where many species were wiped out and
an ice age resulted, and the third to Mars where two/thirds of the
atmosphere was wiped out. The Galactic Alliance responded and sent
Erran and Scenarian warships and wiped out the planet, which exploded.
Residues of the planet went into the Asteroid Belt, into Jupiter, and
into some of the moons of Jupiter, of Saturn, and into some of its
65,000,000 y.a.:Here we see the fifth extinction of most life forms on
earth. It appears that the human race became also extinct except for
remnants in africa. All humans appearing after this period originated
from the descendants of the african humans.
50,000,000 y.a.. Huge marine mammals and small land mammals dominate
the sea and land life forms.
28,298,250 y.a. A C3 culture from the Canopan system colonized the
earth. A settlement by the Federal Disputes designated it an evolving
sentience preserve under the joint administration of Canopan and Sirian
researchers. The planet itself was used as a recreation and resource
location for local citizens. An orbital station was established for
remote viewing and for biological stimulation to some small groups of
26,000,000 y.a.: It could be that Jesus incarnated on earth as Sananda
at the time of the original civilization on earth. The Elder race of
the Cains and the Abels. However indications are vague.
7,000,000 y.a. Human DNA shows that humans diverged from chimps in this
6.000.000 y.a.:Two species of hominids, the Sahelanthropus, then the
Orrorin have had their skeletons dated back to this period..
5,000,000 y.a.. Most of the animal types known today are already
represented on Earth, including Homo Habilis or its earlier variants.
5,400,000 to 4,400,000 y.a.: A third species of hominid, Ardipithecus
Ramidus appears.
4,500,000 to 3,850,000 y.a.:, The next human race, Austrolipithecus
Aramensis makes its appearance.
3,800,000 to 2,950,000 y.a.: Austrolipithecus Afarensis, a small
brained & big faced species of human appears
3,000,000 y.a.. Austrolipithecus Africanus is dated back to this
2,500,000 to 2,400,000 y.a.. Austrolipithecus Garhi, an intermediate
species between Afarensis & Homo starts appearing.
2,300,000 to 1,200,000 y.a.. Austrolipithecus Boisei. This is the first
Homo to appear. And continues its evolution up to today They are the
makers of the first recognizable stone tools.
2,200,000 to 1,600,000 y. a.: Austrolipithecus Robustus. The next
evolution in the human race also makes its appearance, Homo Habilis
(Lucy), leaving the earliest stone tools in Eastern Africa.
2,000,000 to 1,400,000.y.a. Paranthropus Boisoi. This humanoid is
recognizable by its massive jaws & huge teeth.
2,000,000 y. a: The third human race, Homo Erectus, appeared as
indicated by the standardized stone tools found in France. Brain
capacity was 1185cm3 as compared to modern humans' capacity of
1,900,000 to 1,600,000 y.a. Homo Ergaster. This is the first
essentially modern human body, with a high rounded cranium. He was a
meat eater.
1,800,000 y.a. Homo Rudolfensis. His cranium was 1470cm3. Larger than
Homo Habilis. Characterised by being the maker of sharp flaked stone
1,000,000 y.a.. Homo Erectus was found to have established himself in
Java & China 974,250 y.a. Homo Erectus was developing into a very smart
tool-using primate
800,000 y. a.Homo Antecessor was found in Spain

B: Period from 500,000 years ago to the birth of Christ

500,000 to 250,000 y.a.: Neanderthal man appeared and was recognized by
typical stone tools found in UK, in Europe, in Jordan, and in
Australia. In this period there were also highly evolved civilizations
in Antarctica and in the Gobi desert
416,000 y.a. (433,600 according to another source). Gold production on
planet Nibiru falters. As this planet is now on an elliptical orbit
round the sun, its inhabitants, the Annunaki, come to earth to start
mining operations. Enlil is in command of the earth mission, and Enki
is relegated to africa where rich veins of gold were found in 432, 000.
410,000/400,000 y.a. There are now seven important settlements in
southern Mesopotamia: A Spaceport, (Sippar), Mission Control Center,
(Nippur), a metallurgical center (Shurrupak). The gold ores came by
ships from Africa, and were then transferred periodically to the Nibiru
350,000 y.a..A mass of violent, arrogant rebels in our sector of the
galaxy develop destructive weapons and mind control technology
affecting earth.
350,000/300,000 y.a. The Annunaki working in the mines mutiny against
the Older Gods. Enki creates Primitive Workers by genetic manipulation
of Ape women, either Homo Habilis or Austrolopithecas. They were called
LU LU slaves. Enlil brings Primitive Workers to Mesopotamia, & enables
them to procreate and multiply into Homo Erectus. According to Zecharia
Sitchin an enigmatic 223 alien genes out of the odd 30,000 of the human
genome were "horizontally transferred" by the Annunaki as described
in detail in the clay tablets of the Sumerians and the Akkadians
300,000 y. a.. Sorcerer scientists on the island continent of Atlantis
open up a rift in hyper-space as an experiment with crystal-based
electromagnetic manipulation, which goes out of control, releasing
"subspace fallout" for thousands of years to come. Many of these
Atlanteans escape by taking refuge in underground caverns below the
east coast of North America and Western Europe
300.000 y. a. Creator gods raided earth, starting modern history. They
fed on chaos and fear, and rearranged the human DNA for their own
purposes into 2 strands instead of the original 12. Archeological
discoveries detected man's presence in Jordan between 450,000 and
272,000 y. a. Adam and Eve were expelled from Eden by Enlil. Enki later
creates Giants with a life span of 100,000 years

271,000 / 206,600 y. a. The first city of the Gods, Eridu. Ruled by
Alulim, then by Alaljar. Adam and Eve were "recreated" by Enki to
enable them to produce children. Cain & Abel are born in this period.
260,000 y.a. A new version of Homo Erectus (Lucy?) is created by Enki
and his wife. He was a Homo Erectus human called Ninhursag
250,000 y.a.: ET Alchemists, using earth as a base, genetically
engineer a race of reptilian humanoids using a reptilian and/or saurian
DNA base. These "reptiloids" rebel and become uncontrollable.
Astral parasites incarnate into these creatures, assimilating their
physical natures into their own beings. These poltergeist, reptilian, &
human beings, superimposed into one entity, develop methods for
blending in with the human population. Some escape to Antartica, at the
time a semi-tropical continent, and develop a powerful empire there.
250,000 y.a.: The 4th. Human race, Homo Sapiens makes its appearance.
Their distinguishing features were: a steep forehead, a delicate brow,
a vertical midface, and a protruding chin Figurines found in the Golan
were dated as 233,000 & Europeen artifacts were dated as being from the
250,000 period

231,750 y.a. The Sirian Federation declared its independance status and
included earth. A federation colony was then established on planet
earth. The Federation later applied for aid from the C3 to complete
their sentient project.
225,000 y.a.: The Pleiadians discovered on earth three groups of
uncivilized people, one of which was of light skinned Lyran descent
like them and living in Bali, Hawaii, Samoa & India. They also
developed the four civilizations of Lemuria, of the Mayans, of the
Incas. and that of Machu Picchu.
206,600 to 98,900 y.a. The second city of the Gods (The Annunaki),
Bad-Tibira, came into being, and was ruled by Enmenluana, then by
Enmengalana, then by Dumuzid.
200,000 y.a. The center of human civilization now moved to a lush
kingdom in the Gobi desert. where blue eyed, blond-haired, humans lived
in alliance with a tall humanoid race known as the "Nepheli". They
waged a war against the reptilian empire in Antarctica, and in a
desperate measure to defend their infiltrated and threatened society,
used an experimental super-weapon (a cobalt warhead?) against the
Antarcticans, and the explosion knocked the planet out of its axial
alignment. As a result of this the reptilian empire in Antarctica
became covered by tons of ice, and the remnants of the population took
refuge underground, mainly in a huge multi level underground system
below Nepal, between Benares, India, and lake Manosarowar in Tibet,
carefully concealing the entrances. As for the Nordics who lived in
what has now become the Gobi desert, they also escaped underground into
a recently discovered cavern system below Mongolia and Central Asia,
again carefully concealing the entrances. The Reptilian and Nordic
cavern systems intersect in some areas, resulting in inevitable
conflicts between the two super-powers.
Other Nordics migrated westward and gave rise to the tribes which
eventually became the Scandinavians. The more fanatical factions become
the "Aryan" invaders of India, taking with them their "Hindu"
traditions of "gods" who were essentially astraunauts utilizing
sophisticated technology. The reptilians and their underground
"snake-world" also appear in Hindu traditions where they are
refered to as the Nagas, a subterranean race of space faring reptilians
who are very menacing to humans. Vedic texts also speak of strange
machines, mercury-powered airships called "viminas", and also
mention nuclear warfare resulting from the technology brought by the
Nordics during their invasion of India.
176,000 y.a.Stone tools indicating advanced life were found in
Australia, and have been dated 176,000y.a., 130,000y.a., & 117,000y.a.
150,000 y.a. The Nordics underneath the Gobi region (within the
"Agharti" kingdom and its capital "Shambala the Lesser") and
the Reptiloids under the region of Nepal (The seven-leveled reptilian
underworld of "Patala" with its capital of "Bhoga-Vita")
continued to wage war against each other, first within the caverns of
Asia, then within the caverns of the Americas and other continents.
Finally their war became for the domination of the air, and they even
took their conflict to the moon and Mars.
150,000 to 30,000 y.a. To Enlil's growing annoyance the Annunaki
marry with humans, bearing Giants, Demons and Half-Gods. He tries to
punish them as the result becomes embarrassing. However many of them
escape to other continents
100,000 y.a. Prehistoric glass tools from this period were found in the
Egyptian desert.
100,000 y.a: Around this period, both the Nordics and the Reptiloids
discover hyperspace travel. (Accessing hyperspace is relatively easy,
the problems being in how to manipulate it without side effects) During
the next 70,000 years a large segment of the galaxy and several
dimensions are colonized thanks to this instantaneous interstellar and
inter-dimensional travel. However most of the planets were kept in
technological darkness and poverty and in eco-political servitude by
the malevolent star-faring groups so as to provide a constant supply of
slaves. Only the more intelligent were initiated and recruited into
secret societies operating underground, off-planet, or in other
dimensions. The malevolent aliens and the Nordic-backed free society
were terrified of each other. A Nazi-Bavaria space force based in
Antarctica was eventually responsible for helping the Draco collective
to enslave several worlds within the immediate 21 star-system sector of
the galaxy. On Earth atrocities were being carried out by a third
faction, the Astart or Ashtar cult (no connection to the Ashtar
command) in caverns below the Egyptian/Giza desert. This cult
collaborated much later with Nazi occult societies, conventional
religiosities, and international bankers, the real controllers of the
planet, to form an interplanetary Masonic style organization.
Grey Aliens: These were developed by fallen elements of the human &
serpent (beast) races to be used by their Luciferian masters to enable
these to operate in the 3rd. dimension as part of Lucifer's rebellion
against the creative plan. The Geys are a frankensteinian combination
of reptiloid, insectoid, humanoid, and even plant-like DNA combined
with sophisticated cybernetics and implant technology which links them
into a group mind controlled and incarnated by fallen verities -
Satanaku's perverted imitation of God's creation. By masquerading
as ascended masters they infiltrated the Ashtar collaboration and
established a large network based on Sirius-B. A faction in Sirius-A
however resists the expansionist philosophy of the main Ashtar
alliance, and becomes known as the Sirius-A alliance. Many of the
Nordics who adhere to strict non-interventionist ethics establish the
core of their civilization near the Ring-Nebula of Lyra. And the
Reptiloids establish the base of their empire in Alpha Draconis. Other
reptilian factions in disagreement with the Draconians establish
independent colonies in other star systems such as Capella. (These
reptilian factions now serve tirelessly with the Cosmic Hierarchy to
end the dis-harmony). The next 1000 years see the Ashtar collective
largely ineffectual due to internal fighting. Over time however the
integrity of the collective was re-established, and they became the
foremost authority in the galaxy on the subversive tactics of the
draconian empire.
98,800 / 70,000 y.a.the third city of the Gods, Larak, ruled by
70,000 y.a.. Climate warms again. The Annunaki (The Nefilim of the
bible) marry with a new outgrowth of Man to the annoyance of Enlil.
Regressive types of Man roam the earth, Homo Habilis and Homo Erectus.
A new ice age begins. Cro-Magnon man survives This is their last human
creation. Noah is born with a white skin as a result of a genetic
manipulation by Enki. Cro-Magnon is recognizable by his steep forehead,
in contrast to the previously receding forehead, a delicate browridge,
as against the previous strong browridge, a vertical midface and a
protrotruding chin as against the previous projecting mid-face and
absence of chin.
70,000 to 49,000 y.a.. The fourth city of the Gods, Zimbir (Sippar) is
now ruled by Enmendurana . Enki elevates humans of Annunaki parentage
to rule in Shuruppak. This enrages Enlil who now decides to destroy
mankind. Enki cannot stand in his way and promises to keep the secret
from man so that Enlil can succeed, but only providing Homo Sapiens,
his last creation, should survive. This creation of Homo Sapiens, about
50,000 years ago, happened when Shem, Cham and Japheth were beget by
Enki with the seed of Noah by three different women. And this is how
modern man, Homo Sapiens was created.
49,000 y. a.Mu sank into the ocean.
60,000 y.a. Prehistoric art in Australia was dated by thermoluminecence
to 60,000y.a. Other painted walls in caves in S.Australia were
estimated to be 43,000 and 39,000 years old..
50,000 y.a. Human presence in America was found to be from 50,000 and
47,000y.o. As for Brazil , human presence was found to be from
50,000 y.a.The Alpha Draconian empire destroys in a surprise attack
three Nordic colonial worlds in the Lyra region killing over 50 billion
men, women, and children. The Draco Borg Collective also ravage many
other planets. They did this by infiltrating all stratas of society,
then by using implants, eroding the soul matrix, then assimilating the
population into their group memory complex, turning them into drones.
This is exactly what elements of that collective are attempting to do
here now on this planet. You can see many people who seem oblivious to
the highest good and are seen driven uniquely by selfish ambition. Many
world leaders are totally under the control of the dark forces and
negative ET's, many having actually had surgery to implant cybernetic
control mechanisms. A group who were not affected by this primitive
form of mind control, established an outpost of the Sirian High Command
on Earth, with the objective of education and peace keeping, which they
have been doing ever since. Vega Lyra escapes the destruction and is
able to put up a defense, and receives some of the surviving refugees
from the devastated worlds. Other refugees escape to Rigel Orion, and
to the Pleiades cluster where they terraform several worlds which then
become the base of a large Federation of Worlds. The Hyades and
Andromeda constellations (not necessarily the Andromeda galaxy) are
colonized, as are also several worlds in the anti-matter (DAL)
universe. Much later in this period an elite High Command is formed,
later to be known as the Circle of Sirius. Membership is strictly
limited to monadic groups which due to their unalterable loyalty to the
creater's plan, are immune to the negative ego and mind control
technology of the fallen verities.
49,000 to 30,400 y.a. Ubara-Tutu ruled until the Flood. About
30,400y.a. Nibiru appeared again and this time lost its moon Ingu which
was captured by Earth and became our moon. The resulting tidal waves
and floods were responsible for the death of nearly all life on Earth.
The Annunaki needed time to "heal" Nibiru. Some of them decided to
stay on Earth permanently. Gravity change on Earth resulted in a
shorter lifetime for humans and mammals. 30,378 /1,578y.a. the Nibiru
and their human creations destroyed the pre-diluvium creatures until
eventually the last Giants died out.around 1,000 BCE
37,000 / 21,000 y.a. The mesoamerican civilization flourished.
Then again between 24,000
and 14,000
34,000 y.a. (32,000 BC): The Nordics in Rigel, lose a desperate war
against Reptilian and Grey forces. Survivors are forced out of the
Orion open cluster and take refuge on the Jovian moons of Sol in Sirius
A, and in Procyon. Other humanoids flee to the outer Orionite systems,
but have to capitulate much of their sovereignty over to the Draconian
collective where they have to serve as under a dictator
30,000 y.a. The famous paintings in Grotte Chauvet were dated to this
29,000 y.a. Hand tools were found in numerous locations recently, and
were dated to be between 29,000 and 27,000 y.a.
25,000 y.a. The statue of the king of Hesse was dated to this period.
Also found were Jewels and Preceltic armaments. Skeletons of Homo
Sapiens Sapiens were found in Algeria.
25,000 y.a.The Galactic Republic began as an alliance between the
systems of Coruscan, Corellia, Alderaan, and Chandrila. The development
of faster than light travel by the Corellians made a Galactic
government possible.
24,900 y.a. Several major armed conflicts arise and the whole system
gets corrupted and inefficient.
24,840 y.a. A new supreme commander of inflexible integrity and honor
is elected. He puts things back on track but later decides that the
situation can not be salvaged by a Republic and only an Empire can put
things back in order. The Galactic Empire embodying the New Order, is
23,000 y.a.: Cro-Magnon man appears in Europe, and Neanderthal man
20,000 y.a..(18,000 BC).The Orion Cluster is now controlled by the
United Worlds of Orion, which serves under the Alpha Draconian empire,
Rigel and Bellatrix being major centers of Orionite power. Six Orionite
star systems are at the core, having succeeded in conquering and
subduing several worlds in this sector of the galaxy, lusting for
conquest, and turning many of these worlds into slave planets where
descendants of humans lived under horrifying conditions. The atrocities
of the Draco-Orion empire have earned them the title of the "Unholy
Six" Devastating battles are waged between the Pleiadians and the
Orionites, devastating whole worlds.The Sirians, descendents of
refugees from Rigel Orion now begin a long interstellar conflict with
the Orionites over a star cluster in the vicinity of Sol containing 21
star systems and 287 inhabited worlds.
17,000 y.a. Wall paintings in grotte de Lascaux are dated to this year.
Amerindians crossed along the glaciated Alaska passage.
14,000 y.a.: The end of the last ice age.The CO2 level was 13,000 and
the CH4 level was 25,000. Giant floods engulfed America and Eurasia.
13,000 y.a. (or 30,000 according to a different version) Enki plans to
use the tidal wave expected as a result of the impending passage of
Nibiru a secret from mankind.
12,000 y.a.(10,000 BC) The collapse of Atlantis. Some accounts place
this at 40,000 y.a. The Lemurian civilization had connections with
Atlantis. They established cultures in India, China, South, Central,
and North America. Not much is known about Lemuria and Atlantis, except
that they both had advanced civilizations.
12,000 y.a.The Galactic networks can now be divided in three: First,
The Draconian collective including Alpha Draconis, Rigel Orion, Epsilon
Bootes, Zeta II Reticuli, with as their main focus material conquest.
Second: The Ashtar Alliance including Sirius B, Arcturus, Aldibaran,
Altair, with as their main focus intellectual advancement and the
development of the ideal of a christed civilization. Thirdly the
United Federation including Taygeta Pleiades, Tau Ceti, Vega Lyra, and
Procyon whose focus is on spiritual development. The main thing for
man to remember is that spirit must dominate over matter, and not the
opposite as advocated by the fallen verities.
11,000 y.a.(or 28,000). Enki instructs Noah to build a submersible
ship. Enlil witnesses the total destruction from his orbiting ship. He
later agrees to supply seeds for agriculture, and Enki helps
domesticate earth animals.