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View Poll Results: Is it better to have loved and lost or never to have loved before?

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  • It is better to have loved and lost.

    20 68.97%
  • It is better never to have loved.

    5 17.24%
  • What's love got to do with it.

    4 13.79%
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Thread: Poll: If you've ever been in love

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    Quote Originally Posted by jessica
    From a different perspective: It was a one-way love when I was married. I wish I'd never loved him because it hurt so much when I found out 7 years later that he had been unfaithful after being married just 48 hours, with an old fling he'd been seeing throughout our engagement. He admitted to never loving me - he just wanted to have the status.

    So being inlove doesn't always make you grow stronger. It can make you scared to fall inlove again - thus you fight it next time round when the feelings are reciprocated (Hope i spelt that right). So,
    I don't agree with 'Better to love and lost than never to have loved' from personal experience.
    That is just terrible, Jess! You poor girl. What a pig, he was/is.

    I think that if both people are in love, then it is better to have loved and lost, that way you know what love feels like, which I believe is a true luxury that you may be lucky enough to experience throughout your lifetime.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jessica
    From a religious point, the status meant everything.

    Both. He wanted me to leave, when I left - he wanted me back... I was probably the best thing that ever happened to that man. This guy doesn't really know how to 'really' love anyway - I didn't lose much.

    Um , he wasn't too good on the thinking side of things...

    Anyways, I didn't want to hijack the thread - I just wanted to add a new point of view!
    Religious point of view?
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    I know ive been in love. But also lost that love. I cant decide which is better.
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    Love and lost. Nothing beats... Okay let's change around a quote from Milton drastically, pervert it entirely: "Wisdom, once gained, can never be lost". So in that respect, how else would one know how to answer the question? I think as for being hurt, that love is something that finds you regardless of if you're looking for it, running from it, or in between and that its never going to be expected but quite the opposite,and that if someone loves you then I can't imagine how time limits or conditions can be set up regarding past experience with getting burned or even just plain baggage that isn't going away in a foreseeable manner. It's almost, though, as if the question doesn't make sense because love makes no sense and if you're in love then you're in love. Better question is how many times have people felt in love. The answer isn't straightforward all the time for me. There's definitely 2 times and then "I don't know, I wasn't able to see where that went because it ended abruptly and I got over it at some point".
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