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Thread: Soniq QPD500B

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    Soniq QPD500B

    Hello again,
    Sorry for posting so many messages one after the other, but I figured it's better to have a different thread for different questions.
    Anyone's tried the Soniq QPD500B?
    Any good?
    Can't seem to find anything about dezonning it either? Anyone's got an idea on that too?


    P.S.: After finding out that I had put in the wrong name for the player I found threads that ask the same questions as I do here. But they both don't really have an answer. So I thought I could ask again.
    Last edited by Julo; 20-04-2007 at 01:43 AM. Reason: I had put a D instead of a B in the player name

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    this one work because it work on my SONIQ same model as you
    switch on unit
    open tray
    press 5168
    change region code to 0

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