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Thread: Australian based dvd sites that offer direct deposit?

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    Australian based dvd sites that offer direct deposit?

    I just bought some stuff from but they dont have a few titles I'd like to buy next, so what are some other sites people would suggest?

    EDIT: Maybe i could just see if they can get them in *wonders*
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    1,130 is pretty good, though I remember when I placed my order I actually did it by phone instead of by internet (that was my choice mind you) and used DD (now I have a debt-Mastercard so poo ), had no problems.

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    i have a site that sells movies and games and i accept direct deposit

    hi there,

    i hope i am not breaking the rules by responding to this, but i actually have a site and i accept direct deposit.

    i won't post my site in here to prevent putting links into a post, but check out my profile or send me a pm and i will give you my website.
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