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Thread: Olin DVD-100 region free code/firmware request

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    Olin DVD-100 region free code/firmware request

    I'm new here so please be nice. I have just bought one of these Olin DVD-100 players to start watching my divx-encoded files on my TV, and just found out it isn't a region free player. I have tried searching all over the place for a firmware update or helpful piece of information about how I can make it region free?

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    Hi, First place is to check with the store, if they can't help, they may be able to give the name of the distributor.
    Other than that, hopefully someone has one, or knows of a code.
    Good luck.

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    Well it turns out you can change the region from the menu as you please! I hadn't received the player yet when I made the topic, it was in the post. Also interestingly it plays OGM files with OGG audio out of the box with subtitles, the whole bit. I've never had another player that can do this. Will try MKV at some stage as well...

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    Press EJECT button, then go to “PREFERENCE PAGE”, enter the PIN Number now.

    PIN: 8343

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    as above

    region free method - open drawer, Setup, Preferences, 8343, on new hidden menu region is highlighted, press centre Play/Select button to activate, cursor up to Region 0, press Play/Select again and then Setup to exit. Reboot if using HDMI otherwise sound is temporarily lost

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