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Thread: Highlander DVX5260. Complete POS

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    Thumbs down Highlander DVX5260. Complete POS

    Just purchased the Highlander DVX5260, it is a complete pile of cheap crap. I burnt off many .avi, .mp4 etc. It will not play mp4. It's very picky on .avi files. (some work other frame and sound skip, and most don't work at all).

    This went back to SCR the very next day. Piece of shit it is.


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    is this highlander dvd player like the one posted here:

    Me myslef own the 4533 , bought it from dealsdirect almost 3 mths ago:
    and so far so good. Not sure about the one you complain about though.

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    TPP is offline Treat me like a newbie I'm either new or don't have much to say

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    Yep, the one in your first link is the POS.

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    SOrry t hear that.

    Im a complete newbie here but did a bit of research and bought the Olin DVH-220. Very unknown but it has a sony DVD drive and the mediatek 1389 chipset, meaning you can play almost anything. IT region free too. I got it from Wow sight and sound for $65.

    I use it to play DVD's and mostly mp4 files, mp4 code with mp4 container. I back up all my dvd's like this as currently h.264 hardware players are more expensive. It plays flawlessly. Highly recommended.

    Here is a quick review

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