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Thread: Help ! Need manual for Olin DVH-220

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    Exclamation Help ! Need manual for Olin DVH-220

    I have just bought a demo Olin DVH-220 from WOW Sight and Sound. This model was sold out months ago.

    Unfortunately there is no manual for this unit.

    For those of you that have this player, are you able to scan and email me the manual please?
    Alternatively you can photocopy and post to me.

    If you can help please PM me and I shall provide my email address or postal address.

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    Kirby, do you mean the manual?
    I don't have one, but thought I would just get clarification in case someone else does.

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    Yes, andw it should be "manual" and not "menu"

    Can a moderator please change the mispelled word in the title? I don't seem to be able to edit it.

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