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Thread: Looking for a player with HDMI, Divx and USB2.0

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    Looking for a player with HDMI, Divx and USB2.0


    I'm looking for a DVD player with HDMI output (upscaling), that supports Divx playback and has a USB2.0 port.

    Can anyone recommend some player(s) that I should take a look at?


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    the top of the range pioneer meets these requirements.
    I think 600v or something like that. Its about $250 though.

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    I just got an oppo 980.I have put it through it's paces with a sh!tload of different stuff trying to find all the weak points and seeing if i can trip the thing up.So far i'm pretty impressed.The one thing it seems to have going for it is a stable chipset,i havn't been able to get it to lock up or otherwise sh!t itself on anything unlike the Zensonic/Ziova which is a piece of cr@p that locks up if you so much as zoom the picture
    The 980 does have it's own little quirk when it comes to playing Pal dvd's though.Being made for the US it seems to recognise everything as NTSC i sh!t you not even when you set the thing to Pal and put a Pal dvd in .That leads to a horrible combing issue if you set the res to 1080i manually as it then plays it in 1080I 60 htz instead of 50 htz.The problem is easy fixed by selecting auto Res auto TV standard and it will then sync up with your panel at the full 1080 and the correct htz.There is no need to worry to much as whatever the hell it's doing with Pal the end result is great.I compared various Pal dvd's back to back at 1080I between the Oppo and a Pana BD 30 blu ray player.The result was pretty close with both showing virtually identical resolution, and colour vibrancy.Overall the Oppo is the winner though with and all round smoother nicer image.NTSC and the Oppo wins as well,it's one hell of a nice dvd player.Reference discs used Amelie (Pal),Alien dir cut (NTSC),Solaris Criterion (NTSC).
    I'll give the rest as good and bad points.

    The Good
    1.Rock solid stable and doesn't freeze up even when you try and play a codec it doesn's support.
    2.Dual voltage,all you need is the Aussie power cord and your good to go.
    3.Full Divx support and will give you access to multible sub and audio streams.
    4.Superb audio components used and supports 7.1 out by both HDMI and Analogue.(Best sounding dvd player i've ever heard)
    5.Good variety of zoom options if your scared that 2.35/1 image is going to burn into your plasma.
    6.Font size adjustable on Divx files.
    7.Info mode gives you easy access to everything during dvd playback.
    8.Doesn't lose the sub stream in Divx half way through a file or after ff/rev like a Zensonic/Ziova
    8.Comes with a very high quality HDMI cable included.
    9.Whisper quiet dvd drive.

    The Bad
    1.Only supports HDD's formatted to FAT 32
    2.Does not play ripped dvd's from HDD with full menu functions.This means you have to play each 1.0 gb section at a time.It will let you access all the sub and audio streams in these sections but as you advance you sometimes get a different audio stream to the one you were on.
    3.Sometimes stutters on ripped dvd files from HDD,high bitrate DTS seems to be a bogey.
    4.Doesn't support MKV or H2.64
    5.Buttons on the remote are a bit fiddly.
    Kevin! Penny

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    go for a popcorn hour or other similar Network Media Tank (this includes the eGreat MG-31B, iStar, Elektron etc. read here for more info and review - )

    the base model popcorn hour is about $230USD delivered though there's an Aussie reseller (in Queensland I think) but I don't know how much they charge.

    The Popcorn Hour has HDMI out, upscales everything up to 1080p and handles AVI/DIVX/MKV HiDef BluRay ripped video with ease.

    It also displays photos, plays various audio formats, has a built in SAMBA, FTP, bittorrent, usenet NZB and NAS clients/services.

    for about $250 AUD why buy just a DVD player?

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    there are heaps of media players available

    hi there,

    there are so many media players available at the moment, its not even funny.

    i've got a ps3 in my lounge and a mediagate in my bedroom plugged into a 22" widescreen lcd monitor with pc speakers in my room.

    the screen, mediagate and speakers cost me less than $500 and it supports an internal hard drive as well as streaming from a pc on the network.

    took a bit to get going, but the interface on the mediagate wasn't too bad... considering it was under $300.

    has a hdmi output and does alright.

    if you have some extra money, i would suggest a ps3 and a program on your pc called ps3 java media server.

    made by some dude in france you download it, install it, select the folders on your computer you want the ps3 to access and make sure your ps3 is plugged into your pc via router.

    presto... you can stream all your content and it will convert on the fly most packets like mkv and the like.

    plus you get updates all the time through the playstation network and they are always adding new divx format support and patches. very cool!!!
    crazy people have more fun!

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