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Thread: Vibe Media player 500gb 3026N wont show up files on tv all of a sudden.

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    Exclamation Vibe Media player 500gb 3026N wont show up files on tv all of a sudden.

    I bought a Vibe media player 500gb 3026N. Heres a pic i found on the net of the same one i bought....

    Ive had it for over 12 months, and this is the 3rd time ive lost the file directory.

    The root dir is showing No Files. But there is files on it when you check on the pc.

    Normally i click on the 'FILE' directory to choose which movie to play as its quicker and really the only possible way of doing it.
    But it keep losing all the file directory. But only when i plug it into a tv.
    It says the ROOT folder is empty, its just blank!!
    Although when i plug it back into the pc, the files ARE there, it just wont show up on a tv. and yes, ive tried on other tv's that did previously work.
    How can i fix this?

    ive previously had this problem a few times. The only way i got it back was to cut them all out of that dir. and put them on my computer and then re-pasted it back. But as its got about 250gb of files now, it takes a really long time. and although ive resorted to doing it again, it just not working this time.
    Ive also tried changing the drive letter previously, which resulted in me losing files. and it didnt work anyways.

    The media player is un-usable like this. so i really need help.

    Anyone know where i can get software or firmware perhaps? im using vista and anything ive found has been for 98 or xp.
    any advice or ideas would be greatly appreciated as ive looked EVERYWHERE on the net for help.
    why does it do this?

    Thank you so much in advance.


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    Don't know if this will work, but possibly worth a try (don't have your unit, so just throwing out suggestions).

    2 things I guess.
    1.) when it is plugged into the computer, if you right click on it and select properties, select tools and then do the error checking. From memory FAT based drives have 2 copies of the FAT table, if one of them was corrupted, it could explain your problem.

    If that doesn't work...
    2.) When plugged into the PC, create a new folder and drag all the existing files/folders into that new folder.
    It's a lot faster than copying, and may update folder / file stuff that may help.

    Worth a try anyway....

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    Thank you for replying! I cant tell you how much i appreciate you helping me. I asked so many places for help and got no replies or ideas, but even though you said you didnt know you still gave me some more ideas to try, so thanks!!

    Ok enough of that, just also replying to let you know it worked!!!

    The scan came back there was no probs, so i tried the drag and drop.

    I created a Movie folder, draged a few in there.
    At first it didnt work the folder still showed EMPTY. But after dragging them back to the F:\ they all showed up!!

    So thanks so much, im so relieved.

    Now i just wish i knew what was causing this so i can avoid the hassle.

    Thanks for you time, much appreciated
    Your the best

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    might be worth you while having a look for the manufacturers website and see if they have any firmware update for your unit, sometimes they release fixes for this kind of thing

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    Glad it worked, sometimes these things just need a kick in the pants to get them going again.
    I think you sufficiently scared it into action. ;-)

    As jok11n said, worth still looking around in case there is an update, might stop it happening again.

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    lol thanks i hope so!

    and yeah i'll keep looking for that firmware update jok11n, so far its not looking good.

    thanks again

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